Thursday, 22 October 2009

Beautiful Bulgaria

A few weeks ago I went to bulgaria with the boyf, and was completely blown away how pretty it was! Bulgaria was a random holiday destination we chose to get some last minute September sunshine, really wasn't expecting to find beautiful beaches, chic bars, old ruins and lots of history!

I was expecting a 'Costa' style break, but found some really amazing little places, my favourite being the old town of Nessebar. It's an old harbour town that is on top of a cliff and surrounded by the Black Sea. The cobbled streets are lined with small eateries and shops selling amazing antiques and trinkets. It was so amazing to get lost through the winding streets and look at all the colourful, traditional wares.

My top 10 Bulgarian facts:
  1. They have very extreme weather - boiling in summer, lots of snow in winter 
  2. While touristy in some areas, it remains a great place for culture vultures (with ruins, churches, scultures...)
  3. The locals are lovely and all speak about 12 languages (German, French, English, Italian, Bulgarian...)
  4. They have quite a serious clubbing scene, with top ibiza djs all through the summer.
  5. It's *so* cheap! 50. pence. a. pint! (yeah, that's right!)
  6. They don't use the dreaded euro.
  7. A nod of the head means no and shaking your head means yes. Very trippy.
  8. The culture is such a mash up of Germany, Greece, Turkey and other European countries traditions and specialities. You will feel like you've done a whistle stop tour of Europe.
  9. I've said it already, but it really is that cheap! Bargain!
  10. Mainly, it's pretty.




  1. hi roller girl, it really is a lovely place, would definitely recommend! love your blog btw!


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