Monday, 5 October 2009

Cheryl Cole - she does The X-factor you know!

It seems that absolutely everyone was watching The X-factor this weekend (willingly or not!) and I've never seem so many tweets or facebook statuses about one thing (yep mainly the OMG-are-they-real irish twins!)

Ok, so The X-factor is completely staged, dragged out and you pretty much always know what's going to happen (except the loss of the oh-so-beautiful Ethan and the saving of the terrible two! WTF?!) but, as ever, I love watching to see what Dannii and Cheryl are wearing. This week was a bit disappointing with everyone going for maxi-dresses, but Dannii did really try in that multicoloured floor length beauty on Saturday. It was weird to see the two minogue sisters side-by side (who clearly got a 2-4-1 deal at harley street!)

But whoever wins The X-factor this year, it won't be anything compared to the success it has brought Cheryl Cole! There's no stopping that girl; what with her L'oreal contract, solo album AND she's on the cover of this months Elle!

The photos are clearly keeping Cheryl's her stylist's love affair with the armed forces alive (she's a sailor here, a general in her new video for 'Fight for this Love') but these images show Cheryl looking a bit more grunge than usual; less make-up, no false lashes and lots of lank hair. if they were trying to make her look more 'fashion' I guess it worked, but mainly she looks poorly (ever so slightly Mischa Barton).


Images from and elle

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