Wednesday, 14 October 2009

Dear Diary...

My week so far has been manic, so thought I'd share some photo highlights with you!

Saturday: I ended up in Hertford (random, I know) watching a band. I hadn't had very high hopes, but was pleasantly surprised. The Uptights were fantastic and the Hammond player and the lovely lead singer were really going for it, I especially enjoyed 'Ride, Sally, Ride'!

Sunday: Spent a lovely sunny London afternoon strolling along the Southbank when we saw men making amazing sand sculptures.

Tuesday: Had a day of leisure and pampering with a hair cut at the very wonderful Bob Boutuque, where the fantastic Ola and Ashley treated me to a lovely haircut (read more about Bob in tomorrow's post). Bob have 2 designer boutique hair salons in Fulham and Clapham (I went to the Clapham salon). After that lovely start to my day I went to my friend Tori's house in Wandsworth to sample her a-maz-ing cooking skills, I couldn't help taking pictures of just how pretty her cupcakes are!



  1. You added me to your blog!!!!!! Thats so cute thanks hun lol ps hope its cool im writing here hehe love you xxxxxxx

  2. of course it's ok to write on here! and keep the cupcakes coming and i'll keep the post coming!!! love you too xox


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