Tuesday, 27 October 2009

Diamond Style - Marina and the Diamonds

I'm loving Marina and the Diamonds; Marina's style, great songs and fab videos. I first saw her when she was performing before Paolo Nutini at the Round House for the iTunes festival in July. I was blown away by the pocket sized songstress and her cute and original style; she'd fashioned her own shoulder/neck piece (similar to the one in the video below. Seriously, what do you call it? Answers on a postcard please!) and she really looked great!

I knew I liked her when the first thing she did on stage was take off her huge high heels and say her false lashes were falling off (girl after my own heart!). She also writes a fab blog on her band site, check out the post on toys and games from the 90s (anyone for 'dream phone'; brad wants to take you on a date!)

Anyways, below is the offical video for their song 'Mowgli's Road', my favourite from the album, Family Jewels. P.s., it's catchy!


Image: Getty and SoulSide Funk


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