Wednesday, 21 October 2009

fashion inspired by chocolate

well chocolate has always inspired me, and now it seems that some people geniuses in france have figured out that fashion and chocolate go together very nicely, as shown at the paris chocolate show!

the 15th annual 'salon du chocolat' show in paris saw french celebrities take to the catwalk wearing creations either made entirely or embellished with chocolate (or in Armelle Lesniak's case nothing!) the catwalk show launched the annual exhibition and which ran until the 18th october.

french celebs such as, laetitia rey, carole brana, corinne touzet (wearing a design byagatha ruiz de la prada), julie ferrier (escorted by 2 hunky boys - hubba hubba!) and a very naked armelle lesniak (in a chocolate picture frame) all took to the catwalk! i really needed something to entertain me after fashion weeks around the world drew to a close, and this definitely did! clothes that look are good enough to eat!

watch highlights of salon du chocolat below, but *warning* you will want to eat chocolate after watching this video!!!

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  1. What more could you ask for? Chocolate AND fashion, I'm starving and I don't which I'm hungry for! x

  2. that's exactly what i thought! i love the chocolate picture frame! we need salon du chocolat in the uk! Cx


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