Wednesday, 21 October 2009

Jimmy Choo do H&M

Oh. my. god! A Choo shoe from high street giant h&m! That's crazy talk, well no, not so much. Jimmy Choo have done a range (and what a puuurdy range it is too!) for the Swedish legends themselves (no, not Ikea) h&m, that will be available from the 14th November in 200 stores worldwide - prepare for mass hysteria and stiletto injuries galore!

The range is made up of shoes (well obviously), bags, jewellery and a few items of clothing too (why the hell not!) and looks rather good! Now before h&m make you squeal with delight at the photos, remember one thing, they're cheap for a reason, and sadly with h&m designer diffusion ranges the main down fall is the quality. The fabrics and materials are often a huge left down to the fantastic styles, colours and design.
So while these pics are awful nice to look at, (the pink clutch actually leaves me short of breathe!), i'm waiting until 14th November to make up my mind on whether Choo can do h&m! Oh, and ps the electric blue beauts are mine, so back off girls (size 7 fyi.

To view the whole collection at instyle, click here.


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