Tuesday, 6 October 2009

(Mc)Queen of Paris

Hot off the press, Alexander McQueen has just shown his S/S 10 collection in Paris (and on the world wide web!) I've just watched his show (well, tried to), Plato's Atlantis, on what should have been a live stream from the show in Paris thanks to showstudio! It was a rocky start, with major loading problems as soooo many people tried to watch, and the show being an hour late (fashion show late-shock horror!) but after missing the beginning, I decided to wait until the 2nd showing at 9.30pm, which again wasn't loading. Boo!

I was completely gutted I missed the live stream, but hey, like properly applied fake-tan, the snippet I found on youtube was worth it in the end, and the show was amazing! In theory it was a fantastic way to get the show out there and allow everyone to view his amazing theatrical show, but showstudio should maybe be more prepared for all the McQ fans out there next time!

Watching the countdown to the show on the website I got so excited, wondering just what the fantastic McQueen would bring to the table (or catwalk), but what a wait I had! The thing that killed me the most was the updates on twitter from showstudio and fashion.156! It's good of them to share what's happening, but it hurt that much more that I couldn't see it! After scanning youtube for hours I've found this video, which although the stream cuts is the best out there at the mo.

The way McQueen drums up drama and intrigue is second to none, and the pre-show dramatics with the lights and the huge cameras gave it a space age fairytale feel, which I think was also seen in the clothes. Wall-e meets a water-nymph who's been hunting. Lot's of animal prints (especially snake) sculptured shapes, huge shoulders and sleeves, mini 50s prom shapes, nipped waists and those *shoes*!!! Omfg the shoes - clumpy, sky-high and curved - just wow! I know shoe-a-holics that would sell their mothers for them! McQueen is another designer showing that statement, clumpy shoes are were it's at at Paris Fashion Week! (see my Paris fashion week round-up of trends)

Over all, his water-nymph collection, with disc/animal ear hair and huge shoes, had a euphoric, ethereal feel and had some very wearable pieces. I loved the watered-down prints and the styling was perfect!

Well done McQueen and showstudio for what you were trying to do, but please get it sorted for February!


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  1. view full show now at http://alexandermcqueenlive.showstudio.com/


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