Friday, 16 October 2009

Rolex? ... No, it's an OMEGA

All the big stars (and some little ones!) were out and about in London town to attend the launch of the OMEGA constellation 2009 collection last night. The event was hosted by the (very gorgeous) face of OMEGA, Cindy Crawford (how is that woman 43???).

Cindy managed to pull in a mixed bag at the very glam and exclusive members club, Almada, but she stole the show in an understated LBD and cats-craddle heels. I love the draping on the neckline of the dress and the oh-my-apple-pie diamond necklace (wow wow wow!). And, of course, she was wearing an OMEGA watch to finish her look off! Apparently Cindy and Lily Allen are now BFFs, after enjoying a chat during the party (ps, loving the harlequin skirt, Lil).

Some other celebs looking the part were Tolula Adeyemi and Jade McSorley. I'm loving Tolula's take on a modern-yet-80s inspired 'Pretty Woman' (digging the thigh highs) and Jade's geek chic look (just enough geek and just enough grunge chic!). Very nicely done ladies! Lothario Rhys Ifans was also on fine form, being the life and soul and all that, and of course, wearing his usual black!

Another celeb (who's finally put away the trackie bottoms and leggings!) was Mel B, in 'she's wearing non-workout/lycra clothes in public' shocker. I'm sorry to post this picture, but it must be seen. this could be a poster for the outlawing of PDA's! Ewwwwwww!

Shudder! But anyway, back to the watches! I'm actually a huge fan of giant mens watches and think they look chic and stylish on ladies (much better than dainty little watches) and at the moment I'm also loving the layered watch look (uber chic and Swedish). What do you think of layered watches; completely pointless or right on point???


Images: Getty images, Wire image and Stockholm street style


  1. little Jade looks amazing, LOVE her!
    great blog
    we'll be back!
    come follow us at TBAG :) have an amazing giveaway!

    Have a lovely weekend xx

  2. doesn't she! i need that dress! and thanks, i'll add a link to you! have a good weekend too! Cx

  3. hehhehe to the comment about outlawing PDA hehhehhe.
    fab picks the blog and adding you to my linkies!
    Tolula looks fab, she was wearing Aminaka Wilmont dress autumn/winter 2009-2010 dress and autumn/winter 2009 Charlotte Olympia thigh high 'Bowie' boots.

  4. thanks hun, i found that pic of her while i was sourcing pics for the event and just had to use it! she looks wicked. if i use a picture again, i'll have to ask you first what she's wearing hehe! Cx


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