Thursday, 29 October 2009

Up your VIVA with Alexandra Burke and Junk Food

Here's a post i did for my 'day job' blog for Self Service:
alexandra burke viva
A couple of weeks ago I was invited down to MTV HQ in Camden to watch an exclusive (there were only about 40 people in the audience!) session with Alexandra Burke to coincide with the launch of fab, fun and down-right frivolous music and entertainment channel, VIVA.  Alexandra launched the channel (it's replaced TMF) this week and previewed some of her fantastic songs from her new album, Overcome. My absolute favourite song from her album is 'They Don't Know', a beautiful ballad that she performed on stage with a live band - and my gosh can that girl sing - a-maz-ing!
alexandra burke overcome
As well as performing 3 tracks from her album, Alexandra also did a Q+A with the VIVA host, Ricky Haywood-Williams, with questions from the crowd (mine included! I obviously asked about style and fashion!). She was so charming, friendly and honest - here's a quick summary of the Q+A:
Q: What can we expect from your album?
A: I wanted to give you guys something very true - it's very sexy, it's sassy, it's fun, it's BEASTLY!

Q: Flo Rida's on your first single, Bad Boys, who else have you collaborated with on your new album?
A: I've collaborated with Neyo, I've got a duet with him. Which I can now reveal-thank god! I've been keeping that a secret for so long! I haven't met him (Neyo) yet, sorry, I'm gonna keep it real! I record my part, he records his part, Simon Cowell and Neyo speak on the phone, and the contracts done! It's good to have a boss like Simon!

Q: Who's your style icon?
A: I've got 2 style icons; one is of course Beyonce, because I think she dresses so amazingly well and of course Cheryl (Cole)! I have a woman crush on her! I love her!

Q: Who's your Bad Boy?
A: Flo Rida or Ricky (giggles...a lot!)

Q: Who would you like to collaborate with?
A: Aretha Franklin, Whitney Houston and Leona (Lewis)

Q: What are your thoughts on the UK urban music scene and who's on your ipod?
A: I'm loving it right now! I think that the UK has A LOT to offer! And I think America needs to watch out! I'm listening to Chipmunk, Tinchy Stryder and Pixie Lott...why not!

Q: Who is your favourite on this years X-factor and are you enjoying the show?
A: I'm throughly enjoying that show! I LOVE the X-factor! I've gotta to say the over's (over 25 group) are doing it for me. I think they're very strong! It's the first time it ever been this strong, all 3 of them (Jamie, Danyl and Olly) are majorly strong. I'm routing for the over's! (fyi the crowd was loving Miss Frank and Tracey!)
Some other interesting facts from the evening just for you:
  • Alexandra's black dress is from Religion and cost £70 (Alexandra said that she 'loves the highstreet!') and her shoes are from Louboutin (and cost a lot more than £70!!!)
  • Alexandra gets the giggles - a lot! And it's very infectious!
  • Alexandra is desperate for Simon Cowell to buy her a puppy (bichon frise if you're reading this Simon!)
  • Alexandra is still good friends with Cheryl Cole and thinks 'she's great', and Alexandra has also met up with Leona in LA and chatted about everything except music, 'Leona has a great spirit'.

To view the VIVA performance and Q+A watch the video below! Have a look at all the great shows VIVA has (I'm already addicted to Scream Queens!) and become a fan on facebook!

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