Sunday, 22 November 2009

Plastiscines - Parisian Pop Perfection!

I completely and utterly have a pop crush on Plastiscines. The life size Bratz Dolls look fantastic, sound even better, and are proving to be the 'new' Lady Gaga when it comes to the soundtracks for drama series about loaded and beautiful Americans (you know, Gossip Girl, The Hills, The City, 90210, Privileged, etc...)
"Four super-extra-hot french girls with fat, chunky riffs and brilliant new wave pop tunes, they are literally too perfect to be true." - NME
The gorgeous foursome from Paris are signed to Nylon Records, and have already been hailed as 'perfect', both for their songs AND their look. They have that effortless young and beautiful French thing going on, and that's why they've already had a cameo in Gossip Girl! (See video below)

Songs like 'Bitch' and 'Barcelona' will get well and truly stuck in your head, and soon you'll be wanting to dress like a slutty and/or bitchy, young, dumb and beautiful débutante in no time!!!

The reason the girls translate so well to the aforementioned American teen dramas, is that they proclaim they're from the Parisian movement 'Les bébés rockers'; translation: spoilt brat rocker offspring. But who cares, they're great! Katty (lead singer) is seen in Gossip girl (above) wearing a black Topshop dress (what else!?)

So who else really wants that carebear oversized tee??? Oh and that sequin parka...jealous, moi?
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Friday, 20 November 2009

The Notorious Beyonce Paige and her Video Phone

Ok, so everyone's heard the hype about Miss B and Lady Gaga and new video for 'video phone', but I'm not so fussed about the gaga cameo (gaga looks like a little lost lamb and wears one outfit the whole video - wtf??? she's only as good as the c-r-azy outfits she struts in!) but what I love love love is Beyonce and her betty paige hair-do, bra and big ol' pants! The video has me reaching for the scissors (to cut in a fringe), a toy gun and some great undies - I'll let these pics do the talking!

Click here to watch the vid courtesy of MTV

B looks spot on, think we will see that look translated all over Old Street! But where oh where are we going to find a boy with a camera for a head???

What do you think of Gaga in the vid (couldn't even bring myself to put up images with her in)? Gaga-great (said like Tony the Tiger) or Gaga-blah (said however you like, sweet cheeks!)


Tuesday, 17 November 2009

Rihanna is R Rated at Nokia Launch, London

I was a very lucky girl and got tickets to go and see THE d-i-v-a  of the moment, Rihanna, at a top secret London gig for Nokia last night. Nokia were launching their 'comes with music' phone, the Nokia X6 and Rihanna was launching her new album Rated R, so they teamed up and created a gig that was streamed live to Rihanna fans all over the world (a music first!). I'm not wasn't the biggest Rihanna fan, and was surprised how much I loved it!

The gig was held at Brixton Academy in London and had a star studded celeb turn out, with Beyonce, Emma Bunton, Jamelia, Keisha Buchanan, Chipmunk, Adele, and Tinchy Stryder all gracing the VVIP area (yep, VIP wasn't good enough!).

But the celebs didn't stay locked up in their VVIP enclosure, 2 of them made a surprise appearance on stage with Riri herself! Jay-Z and Young Jeezy joined her on the TV set themed stage, where they performed new track 'Hard' with Jeezy. The crowd went mental when Jay-Z joined her for the huge hit 'Run This Town' (it was pretty darn good!).

It was a great gig, and Rihanna proved that she's not just a singer, fashionista and icon, but is also leading the way in social media and music.

The whole night was fantastic and I had a great time with fellow bloggers Marian, Reena and Miggy (thanks again for the ticket Marian!) Here's hoping more artists follow in Rihanna's social footsteps!


Thursday, 12 November 2009

Get Party Perfect Hair with Bob Boutique!

I can't be the only person with hairdresser fear, can I? all it takes is one really bad haircut (*cough* burlingtons) to scar you for life and have the fear that all hairdressers are on a mission to turn your fabulous locks into chewed up straw that would leave scarecrows looking for a hat (*cough* burlingtons)! A few weeks ago, I told you about my haircut at Bob, and I think the a-maz-ing staff at Bob have cured me of my phobia!

Bob is a group of hair salons with a difference. The distinct boutique salons in London (Bob Green in Clapham and Bob Blue in Fulham) are stylish, comfortable and slick and most impressive of all, offer modern, creative and expert hair styling using L'Oreal products, in a friendly and relaxed environment (something so many hair salons lack!)

I heart Bob! I really was impressed with the service I got during my appointment with Creative Director, Ashley Emmanuel (pictured above). I get nervy with people cutting my hair, so was really relived that he was friendly, chatty and most of all listened to what I wanted done (listen up hairdressers out there that think trim means waist length to bowl cut!) Ashley offered expert advice and suggested I go a dark red shade for Christmas party time (haven't been brave enough yet, what do you think I should do???) Overall I had a great afternoon, felt fab and my hair was super glossy and had me sashaying down St Johns Hill!

I also have a fantastic offer for you all to get your hair prepped for Christmas parties, your next night out or just for the hell of it! Bob will give you £100 to spend over your next 10 visits - that means £10 of each of your next 10 haircuts/colours! So what are you waiting for, I promise your hair will thank you!

To book an appointment, call 020 7223 1741 or say hi to the very lovely Ola on Twitter

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Wednesday, 4 November 2009

Get your claws into WAH nails pop up at Selfridges

I was so excited when I saw this morning that WAH nails is launching a pop up store at Selfridges, London today, running until wednesday 11th November. WAH nails is a concept nail salon in Dalston, East london; where fashion, culture, art, design and technology mesh together to create fearless nail designs.

WAH nails will embrace the spoilt brat within and do whatever design you like! Base it on your shoes, your favourite magazine cover, a poster, your party dress, a christmas card from your granny, etc... I think you get the idea.

I'm a huge fan of the 7up nails myself - loving the lime green. And with bonfire night just round the corner, why not go for a fireworks theme? Or a sparkler on each nail? If you're stuck for inspiration, check out the a-maz-ing WAH Nails blog with photos of customers and their designs. Each nail truly is a unique work of art, and with prices starting at £20, it's an even better reason to pop to the pop up at Selfridges!

To do list:
  1. Read more about WAH at Selfridges 
  2. View a price list
  3. Email to book an appointment

By Carina Sullivan
    Note: WAH nails is also now available at Topshop, Oxford Circus. Go get those nails did!

    Sunday, 1 November 2009

    Trick or Treat - Halloween at KOKO, Camden

    i was one lucky lady this halloween, not only did i win 10 VIP tickets to the club NME halloween ball at KOKO in Camden, but we also got our own private area, lovely bar and barmaid, free drinks AND a camera to take lots of pics of our night out! result! big thank you to KOKO and an even bigger thank you to all the boys and girls of Camden who seriously brought new levels to fancy dress!

    look into my panda eyes!

    i scream you screen

    bloodied teletubby


    eye spy: snow white, the crocodile and the builder

    eye spy: the crocodile, a sumo wrestler and a superhero

    cat behind the bar

    best dressed award: mighty boosh - Old Greg and The Spirit of Jazz

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