Thursday, 12 November 2009

Get Party Perfect Hair with Bob Boutique!

I can't be the only person with hairdresser fear, can I? all it takes is one really bad haircut (*cough* burlingtons) to scar you for life and have the fear that all hairdressers are on a mission to turn your fabulous locks into chewed up straw that would leave scarecrows looking for a hat (*cough* burlingtons)! A few weeks ago, I told you about my haircut at Bob, and I think the a-maz-ing staff at Bob have cured me of my phobia!

Bob is a group of hair salons with a difference. The distinct boutique salons in London (Bob Green in Clapham and Bob Blue in Fulham) are stylish, comfortable and slick and most impressive of all, offer modern, creative and expert hair styling using L'Oreal products, in a friendly and relaxed environment (something so many hair salons lack!)

I heart Bob! I really was impressed with the service I got during my appointment with Creative Director, Ashley Emmanuel (pictured above). I get nervy with people cutting my hair, so was really relived that he was friendly, chatty and most of all listened to what I wanted done (listen up hairdressers out there that think trim means waist length to bowl cut!) Ashley offered expert advice and suggested I go a dark red shade for Christmas party time (haven't been brave enough yet, what do you think I should do???) Overall I had a great afternoon, felt fab and my hair was super glossy and had me sashaying down St Johns Hill!

I also have a fantastic offer for you all to get your hair prepped for Christmas parties, your next night out or just for the hell of it! Bob will give you £100 to spend over your next 10 visits - that means £10 of each of your next 10 haircuts/colours! So what are you waiting for, I promise your hair will thank you!

To book an appointment, call 020 7223 1741 or say hi to the very lovely Ola on Twitter

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  1. oh, I wish I'd be around :))
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  2. they're so good, Ashley does fashion week shows too! such a great hairdresser find! hope you had a good weekend! Cx


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