Friday, 20 November 2009

The Notorious Beyonce Paige and her Video Phone

Ok, so everyone's heard the hype about Miss B and Lady Gaga and new video for 'video phone', but I'm not so fussed about the gaga cameo (gaga looks like a little lost lamb and wears one outfit the whole video - wtf??? she's only as good as the c-r-azy outfits she struts in!) but what I love love love is Beyonce and her betty paige hair-do, bra and big ol' pants! The video has me reaching for the scissors (to cut in a fringe), a toy gun and some great undies - I'll let these pics do the talking!

Click here to watch the vid courtesy of MTV

B looks spot on, think we will see that look translated all over Old Street! But where oh where are we going to find a boy with a camera for a head???

What do you think of Gaga in the vid (couldn't even bring myself to put up images with her in)? Gaga-great (said like Tony the Tiger) or Gaga-blah (said however you like, sweet cheeks!)



  1. Hi there I loved the stills you had, and I credited you on my blog post for usage. -ciao, O.

  2. Do you notice in the video that Lady Gaga looks like small boy next to Beyonce's womanly figure? :)


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