Sunday, 22 November 2009

Plastiscines - Parisian Pop Perfection!

I completely and utterly have a pop crush on Plastiscines. The life size Bratz Dolls look fantastic, sound even better, and are proving to be the 'new' Lady Gaga when it comes to the soundtracks for drama series about loaded and beautiful Americans (you know, Gossip Girl, The Hills, The City, 90210, Privileged, etc...)
"Four super-extra-hot french girls with fat, chunky riffs and brilliant new wave pop tunes, they are literally too perfect to be true." - NME
The gorgeous foursome from Paris are signed to Nylon Records, and have already been hailed as 'perfect', both for their songs AND their look. They have that effortless young and beautiful French thing going on, and that's why they've already had a cameo in Gossip Girl! (See video below)

Songs like 'Bitch' and 'Barcelona' will get well and truly stuck in your head, and soon you'll be wanting to dress like a slutty and/or bitchy, young, dumb and beautiful débutante in no time!!!

The reason the girls translate so well to the aforementioned American teen dramas, is that they proclaim they're from the Parisian movement 'Les bébés rockers'; translation: spoilt brat rocker offspring. But who cares, they're great! Katty (lead singer) is seen in Gossip girl (above) wearing a black Topshop dress (what else!?)

So who else really wants that carebear oversized tee??? Oh and that sequin parka...jealous, moi?
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  1. their look is so fun! how cute is that Carebear t-shirt.happy sunday Carina!

  2. they really are like little Bratz Dolls! And yep, I'm dying to know where the carebear tee is from, any ideas? See you on Thursday!


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