Sunday, 1 November 2009

Trick or Treat - Halloween at KOKO, Camden

i was one lucky lady this halloween, not only did i win 10 VIP tickets to the club NME halloween ball at KOKO in Camden, but we also got our own private area, lovely bar and barmaid, free drinks AND a camera to take lots of pics of our night out! result! big thank you to KOKO and an even bigger thank you to all the boys and girls of Camden who seriously brought new levels to fancy dress!

look into my panda eyes!

i scream you screen

bloodied teletubby


eye spy: snow white, the crocodile and the builder

eye spy: the crocodile, a sumo wrestler and a superhero

cat behind the bar

best dressed award: mighty boosh - Old Greg and The Spirit of Jazz

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  1. you had a great time it seems! :))

  2. thanks Susan! it was great! so impressed with how all out people went with their costumes! hope you had a fun halloween! Cx


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