Thursday, 17 December 2009

Let it Snow, Let it Snow, Let it SNOW!

I L.O.V.E. snow, buuuuuuuut not when it affects me going to work (or out of my house in general), what I can and can't wear (I live in ballet pumps, and some people say this isn't practical in snow), or if I get cold, wet, ill or in one case in Germany when my hair literally froze (crispy hair is not a good look and damages hair cuticles).

But snow does have excellent pros too; snowmen, snowball fights, wrapping up in approximately 9 layers of clothing, getting rosy cheeks, when you're older you can play in the snow all day without your mum telling you to come in and stop sledging before you get pneumonia (unless she finds out what you've been doing on facebook - busted!).

Work/schools/shops and pretty much everything closes so it's freedom for everyone with all the streets being eerily quiet (remember Oxford Street this year, ghost town!), it makes even the most grotesque places look like a pretty winter wonderland (it can make Great Yarmouth look magical!), but most of all it's FUN!
But if your still weighing up the pros and con of all the snow coming our way, just think of all the fun layering you can now do, especially if you do it with Etsy. Etsy is the site for home-made goods (you can buy and sell) and I'm in love with all the cosy knitwear from Yokoo (made and modelled by her). A knitted bow will keep my head warm, right?

Or maybe this gorgeous grey scarf from warehouse which is plaited and bobbled with a chunky knit - looks like the perfect thing to wrap up in. Love the colour too.

Also try this gor-ge-ous Paul Smith Mohair cardigan that just screams 'put me on, and snuggle up!' so you can either play outside or curl up on the sofa. Available at

Leather leggings from Helmut Lang at net-a-porter will keep you warm, stylish, and they're water proof! Win! Bring on the snowball fight!
And if we really must wear 'sensible' footwear, I'm not doing it unless I'm wearing these Vivienne Westwood Anglomania patent ankle boots from asos. They make wellies look good! Love the buttons and there's loads of style and colours to choose from!

Ok snow, bring it on!!!
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Saturday, 12 December 2009

Wildfox Couture: Best. Barbie. Ever!

I did this post on my work blog ( and it's too good for words, so I had to post it on here as well! BEST WILDFOX LOOKBOOK EVER!!!!! The S/S 10 collection will hit shops in January, I will of course keep you posted! To view the entire genius lookbook that is Wildfox Barbie - Summer 2010 click here. And if you really can't wait for some Wildfox-y goodness, shop the current collection here.


Thursday, 10 December 2009

Let's get Physical

I've also had a obsession with the whole 'sports luxe' look, which has always taken me by surprise as it's not really my personal style, but it's always a trend I'm drawn to in street style, catwalk, graphics, images, photos and my own clothes designs. So what is my fascination? I know I'm not alone with my obsession, as the sports luxe style rears it head almost every other season. But just take the image above, this girl looks so adorable and fresh with her hoody and PVC combo, mixed with the delicacy of the crochet - loves it! How can you not?

The image above is one of my fave photos, well, ever! It inspired a whole collection I designed at uni years ago, and I still love everything about it! Colour, graphics, textures and the fact it says FAKER obviously!

I designed and made this outfit years ago (modelled by my beautiful friend Maya) please excuse the pattern cutting, but just thought it shows how deep my sports luxe obsession goes, but still don't know if I'm ready to wear it myself! I'll just stick to being obsessed with it for now. Although...if I had the outfit below, from Alexander Wang, I may have to try it out!


Friday, 4 December 2009

Champagne and Cupcakes at Flemings = happiness!

Champagne and cupcakes got your attention? Yep, they got mine too! Which is why I was so happy to be invited to the grand unveiling of The Front Room on Wednesday night at one of London's best kept secrets - Flemings Mayfair. The Hotel is tucked away on Half Moon Street, a short skip and a jump away from Green Park Tube Station and has recently had a complete and utter facelift (think Demi transformation, not Dannii botox! It's a serious overhaul!).

On my way to the Hotel with my bff Tori, I noticed the above write up in Stylist magazine declaring it the new place to go for Champagne and Cupcakes (and tea) in London when you want to get away from it all, or just spoil yourself rotten! The Front Room will exclusively serve you Primrose Hill Bakery cupcakes, Dammann tea and Perrier-Jouet Brut Champagne until you curl up for a nap on one of the very comfy and stylish sofas! It's a gorgeous addition to the growing trend for boutique tea and cupcakes rooms that are popping up all over the city.

It was also a great chance to meet two very lovely girls from Domestic Sluttery, Gail and Alex and have an indepth talk about icing and cupcakes - it's serious stuff! I would recommend a trip to The Front Rooms when they open in mid January, the perfect way to treat yourself after the holidays! The staff are lovely, the hotel is gorgeous, it feels very luxurious, and all the cupcakes you can handle - heaven!!!

Add a trip to your Christmas wish-list and click here to book


Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Zombies attack at Company Magazine Reader Event at Kanaloa!

Last week I had a fab-u-lous time at the Company Reader Event at Kanaloa. Kanaloa, for anyone that isn't an avid Metro reader, is the hottest new bar part owned by Girls Alouds Sarah Harding and the brains behind Mahiki, Nick House and Piers Adam. It's a gorgeous little Polynesian tiki bar that is themed down to the hawaiin shirt wearing bartenders! No, seriously!

Company threw a brilliant party at the new hotspot, with OPI goody bags, manicures by City Point Spa, cocktails (lethal BTW!), cupcakes, and so-good-wish-i-was-eating-one-now canapes (my mouth is watering just thinking about the salt and pepper squid!!!).

Kanaloa and Company are both all about the ladies (sorry boys!) and it was lovely to sip our cocktails and read Company in such pretty surroundings listening to 80s handbag anthems (the tunes were brilliant btw-try not to dance!) I would definitely recommend a Company Readers event, or even just a trip to Kanaloa (If you go, try a Zombie Cocktail...but don't have more than 2!)

I sadly haven't got any photos of my own of the super girly-tastic night, so I stole some from!

Make sure you're following Company on twitter - seriously addictive tweets!


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