Thursday, 10 December 2009

Let's get Physical

I've also had a obsession with the whole 'sports luxe' look, which has always taken me by surprise as it's not really my personal style, but it's always a trend I'm drawn to in street style, catwalk, graphics, images, photos and my own clothes designs. So what is my fascination? I know I'm not alone with my obsession, as the sports luxe style rears it head almost every other season. But just take the image above, this girl looks so adorable and fresh with her hoody and PVC combo, mixed with the delicacy of the crochet - loves it! How can you not?

The image above is one of my fave photos, well, ever! It inspired a whole collection I designed at uni years ago, and I still love everything about it! Colour, graphics, textures and the fact it says FAKER obviously!

I designed and made this outfit years ago (modelled by my beautiful friend Maya) please excuse the pattern cutting, but just thought it shows how deep my sports luxe obsession goes, but still don't know if I'm ready to wear it myself! I'll just stick to being obsessed with it for now. Although...if I had the outfit below, from Alexander Wang, I may have to try it out!



  1. That is a great piece! love the blue hooded luxe sporty piece,honey you should be starting a line!
    I really like chic sport luxe piece.darling please kindly update my url in your linkies.
    big kiss and enjoy Belfast!

  2. fab looks!
    have a lovely weekend, xoxo

  3. thanks ladies! you're going to give me a seriously inflated ego! lol! and Marian, i've updated your link! Cx


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