Wednesday, 2 December 2009

Zombies attack at Company Magazine Reader Event at Kanaloa!

Last week I had a fab-u-lous time at the Company Reader Event at Kanaloa. Kanaloa, for anyone that isn't an avid Metro reader, is the hottest new bar part owned by Girls Alouds Sarah Harding and the brains behind Mahiki, Nick House and Piers Adam. It's a gorgeous little Polynesian tiki bar that is themed down to the hawaiin shirt wearing bartenders! No, seriously!

Company threw a brilliant party at the new hotspot, with OPI goody bags, manicures by City Point Spa, cocktails (lethal BTW!), cupcakes, and so-good-wish-i-was-eating-one-now canapes (my mouth is watering just thinking about the salt and pepper squid!!!).

Kanaloa and Company are both all about the ladies (sorry boys!) and it was lovely to sip our cocktails and read Company in such pretty surroundings listening to 80s handbag anthems (the tunes were brilliant btw-try not to dance!) I would definitely recommend a Company Readers event, or even just a trip to Kanaloa (If you go, try a Zombie Cocktail...but don't have more than 2!)

I sadly haven't got any photos of my own of the super girly-tastic night, so I stole some from!

Make sure you're following Company on twitter - seriously addictive tweets!


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  1. Hey love,
    thanks for being a follower on my blog =)
    I'm finally back on the blogosphere and hope you're not fed up with my lack of posting.

    I am such an avid Company fan...wish I could've come to this. Was it a free for all thing?

    The photos look cool, and those cocktails sound DELISH.

    M xx

  2. Hi Milly!

    Company are doing some great stuff at the mo, really impressive! and yeah it was free for readers if you emailed then. if you want more info about them and events i'd follow then on twitter @companymagazine, also sound like an advert, but kanaloa is really nice and i'm fussy with my cocktails! lol


  3. how are you dear,hope all is well.sending love and letting you know about my new personal outfit post.have a good day!


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