Thursday, 28 January 2010

London Fashion Week: Vauxhall Fashion Scout - Ones to Watch

I got over excited this morning when I saw on twitter (thanks to @ftape) that the Ones to Watch for Vauxhall Fashion Scout had been announced! VFS really helps to launch the careers of outstanding design talent, and the alumi is very impressive! Here are the four designers that are set to rock our worlds in 2010 (drum roll please!):


Made up of 2 talented Danish designers, Anne Sofie Madsen and Katrine Hedegaard, Askh (initials, geddit?) is a Nordic-inspired range for Men and Women. From what I've seen, they're all about detail and delicate fabrics in a nude/mono palette.Love the Nordic vibe!

David Londshaw

Brit designer David Longshaw has tip top credentials; he's an ex St Martins and Royal Collage of Art student and has worked at Alberta Ferretti and Max Mara (wowsers!) before starting his own label! His designs seem to be very structured and tailored, but with distinct embellishment and detailing, and what looks like a very interesting print - can't wait to see more!

Eudon Choi

Eudon is a Korean designer who reminds me very much of thai designer, Disaya (and that's no bad thing!) He has a huge celeb following already, with fans like Sienna Miller (he used to work for Sienna and Sis at twenty8twelve) and Jade Jagger. This will be his second collection, and I'm in L.O.V.E. with his deliciously feminine take on mannish tailoring.

Florencia Kozuch

Not only does this Argentinian designer have a kick arse name (loves it) but also a kick arse Graduate collection! My own Graduate looked nothing like this! Her collection is made up of girly nudes, organza and angora, mixed with stiff prom dresses, oversized capelets, teeny tiny body-con mini dresses and lots of attitude! I'll have, um, all of it!

There's something I love from each designer, and I'm so, so, soooo excited to see what they bring to LFW.

To read more about VFS or for tickets, click here.

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Monday, 25 January 2010

Vero Moda - Traditional Basics or Surprisingly On-Trend?

Vero Moda is the kind of clothing company that slips under the 'fashion' radar. Their tag line is 'Trusted Classic' which makes them sound an awful lot like M&S, or even worse, Bhs! To be honest, I've never paid them much attention to Vero Moda, even with HUGE advertising campaigns with the likes of Kate, Helena, Gisele, Christy and Claudia (yep, supermodels so huge I don't need to tell you their last names), but recently they've been catching my eye.

While spending many, many hours on asos, I'm finding that a lot of the products that have me ooo-ing and aww-ing are in fact by Vero Moda! But that's not all, Vero Moda are being featured more in newsletters and trend updates on asos, so I can't be the only one who's liking them at the moment. If you don't believe me, have a look for yourself and in-between the Per Una reject items (which there are still many, please don't think I like all the pieces!) there are some gorgeous draped items, fantastic oversized knitwear, coloured skinny jeans, oversized nude silk tops, a-maz-ing Burberry-esque gathered mini skirts and to-die-for peg leg boyfriend fit trousers. All in perfect fit, colour and fabric!

Nudes - check, statement pieces - check, draping - check, sheers - check, silks - check, oversized boyfriend trousers - check, how is this 'traditional basics' company producing on-trend pieces at great price points (the prices on asos range from £5 to £55) and often in quality fabrics? Answers on a postcard please!


Thursday, 21 January 2010

To live without you would only be heart break for me!

I had a nightmare last night. It was horrible and scary and I woke up in a panic. You may laugh when you read what it was about, but it made me realise just how important some things are to me! The nightmare went something like this...

I was on holiday (somewhere hot and sunny), had been sunbathing all day with serious suntan lotion build-up on my face (ikk!), so as I went to get in the shower to wash all the sun, sea and sad away, I realised something...I'd forgotten to pack my St Ives face scrub...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Panic ensued as I pictured my greasy, dirty skin crying out for a good scrubbing for the rest of the holiday!

I awoke from this nightmare shaken to say the least (told you you would laugh!) but I didn't realise how attached (ok, ok, down right dependent!) I had become to some of the beauty products I use. I'm not particularly high maintenance and the products aren't at all expensive, but I know what works for me and what doesn't, so have developed stranglely strong relationships with brands and certain products! So here's my list of products that I would throw a proper wobbly without:

Benefit BADgal lash Mascara - £15.50 

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer - £4.29

Batiste Dry Shampoo - £1.99

Gliss Conditioner Liquid Silk Conditioner - £1.95

Benefit Dallas - £23.50

Max Factor Lipfinity - £10.99

Here's hoping the nightmares stop!

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Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Friday, 15 January 2010

The LOOK Show - LFW taken over by the highstreet

Exciting news - LOOK magazine are doing an exclusive LFW catwalk show which will showcase the hottest looks on the highstreet from all your fave shops - and best of all YOU CAN BE THERE!!! If you have ever dreamed about attending London Fashion Week, this is perfect! During LFW you can attend the only catwalk show open to the public, with brands like already confirmed, at the uber trendy venue, The Saatchi Gallery, on the 20th Februray. To be one of the lucky ones attending (these tickets are going to be very, very popular!) all you have to do is enter LOOK's draw to be in with a chance of winning a pair of tickets.

The best bit about this fash-tastic highstreet catwalk is that everything single item you see walking down the catwalk will be available to buy right then and there in-store or online! No waiting nessecary (this may lead to a HUGE shopping trip after me thinks!). I've entered, now it's your turn!

Wednesday, 13 January 2010

Channing Tatum for Details magazine


For once I'm going to shut up and let Channing Tatum and his (drool) arms do the talking. For those of you that aren't familiar with the ChanChan man's work; he's been in She's the Man (minus clothes - a lot!), Step Up, G.I. Joe, and loads more TV and film bit parts. He's an all round action man who can dance and play sports, and as this photo shoot for Details magazine demonstrates, he also used to be a darn good model! It makes a change for us ladies to have some proper eye candy in a style mag (even if it is a boys one!) Bravo Details - loving your work! Read the full interview (and ogle some more photos) here.


Monday, 11 January 2010

'Model of the Year' Georgia May Jagger for Versace

'Les bébés rockers' strike again, as Georgia May Jagger, the 2009 Model of the Year and daughter of Mick Jagger and Jerry Hall, is seen posing it up for the new SS10 Versace ad campaigns (four words - look at those shoes!). The 17 year old Brigitte Bardot looky-likey has scored her first high fashion campaign with Versace, and don't see look puuuurdy???

Not only is the beautiful Georgia 'Model Du Jour' (and these ads show why!), but Donatella can't seem to put a foot wrong with the Versace ss10 collection, with A-list celebs jumping at the chance to wear some of the drool-inducing dresses from the collection. Shakira (a serial Versace offender!) and Zoe Saldana have been spotted in Versace ss10 recently, and why not, it's a damn good collection with lots of red carpet party-perfect mini dresses!
Shakira Shakira! In Versace ss10 dress and shoes

And again in Versace ss10 dress

Zoe Saldana in Versace ss10

It's my birthday coming up, wonder if Donatella has a spare dress I can borrow???

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Trend or tragic: Trainer Boots via Sugarscape

Heeled trainers, £85, Killah @
Just saw this on sugarscape, Trend or tragic: Trainer Boots | Sugarscape, and was so aghast that these horrific pieces of footwear are en vogue again, I had to share it with you. Sorry if you've just eaten! Blurgh! I know lots of girls will try and wear these in an 'ironic' 2 fingers up to fashion way, but you wouldn't wear crocs, would you! (would you??? If you would, you can leave this blog and never return! Ta!)

White lace, £20, New Look
Just say no ladies!!!

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Saturday, 9 January 2010

Gleek Chic

Vampires are dead - get ready, get steady - to be Glee-ed! You may have missed E4's subtle marketing and advertising campaign about a little known show called Glee; it's hardly been advertised on TV, cinemas, online, in magazines, etc..., actually you've probably never heard of it in your life (yes sarcasm is the lowest form of wit). Not only is this show set to be blooming funny, it's a feel good mix of odd balls and great songs (who wasn't wowed by 'Don't Stop Believing' in the pilot - can't beat a bit of Journey!), but I'd love it for this one fact alone - it's bringing back 90s prep!!!!!
Rachel 'She really, really wants to be a star' and Kurt 'He's dapper and dramatic - perfect Glee material' Glee

What I think is really going to get us hooked on this fab show is 'Gleek Chic'. The preppy glee club look is getting me all in a tizz and making me reach for the tartan, plaid and knee high socks faster than you can say 'as if!', so forget about geek chic, and embrace your inner gleek! The Glee style is similar to the look made famous circa 1995 (Clueless, The Craft, etc...), think tailored, layered and preppy (even with a punk twist)! The look needs lots of knitwear, loads of tartan and plaid, mini skirts and kilts, shirts and blouses, colour block dressing (think head to toe mustard, black and white, or red), and most of all socks, socks and more socks!!!!
The oh so fabulous Cher and Dion in Clueless
Emma 'a sweet and lovely germophobe' Glee
To get this preppy and cute school teacher/catholic school girl look (as seen on Rachel and Emma in Glee), the best collection I've seen is NW3 by Hobbs. It's just perfect for this style and trend, lots of beautifully cut classic pieces in gorgeous colours and fabrics and I'm in love with almost every piece on, but my faves that sum up Gleek Chic are these beauties below (but seriously, check out the whole collection - so yummy!) 
No preppy Glee look is complete without an amazing, tailored white shirt (which I'm bringing up to date with pin-tuck detailing and oversized puff sleeves) and, to channel the Clueless look, oh-so-cute socks to complete the look.
The other twist on Gleek Chic is Tina, the punk/goth member of the Glee club who adds so dark and moody preppy to the mix. If Clueless preppy is too cutesy for you, and you're not ready to fully move on from the Vampire trend just yet, Tina's your style icon! She is to goth prep, what The Craft was to witch prep! Keep the socks, keep the mini kilts, keep the shirts and good knitwear, but most of all keep it black (with some white and red if you really must)!
Tina 'a punk with a stutter and a secret' Glee
The Craft (preppy witches at their best!) 1996

You hear that Twilight - Vampire Goth is dead (no pun intended), long live Gleek Chic! See the first two Glee episodes at 9pm on E4, Monday!
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