Thursday, 21 January 2010

To live without you would only be heart break for me!

I had a nightmare last night. It was horrible and scary and I woke up in a panic. You may laugh when you read what it was about, but it made me realise just how important some things are to me! The nightmare went something like this...

I was on holiday (somewhere hot and sunny), had been sunbathing all day with serious suntan lotion build-up on my face (ikk!), so as I went to get in the shower to wash all the sun, sea and sad away, I realised something...I'd forgotten to pack my St Ives face scrub...NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! Panic ensued as I pictured my greasy, dirty skin crying out for a good scrubbing for the rest of the holiday!

I awoke from this nightmare shaken to say the least (told you you would laugh!) but I didn't realise how attached (ok, ok, down right dependent!) I had become to some of the beauty products I use. I'm not particularly high maintenance and the products aren't at all expensive, but I know what works for me and what doesn't, so have developed stranglely strong relationships with brands and certain products! So here's my list of products that I would throw a proper wobbly without:

Benefit BADgal lash Mascara - £15.50 

Rimmel Hide The Blemish Concealer - £4.29

Batiste Dry Shampoo - £1.99

Gliss Conditioner Liquid Silk Conditioner - £1.95

Benefit Dallas - £23.50

Max Factor Lipfinity - £10.99

Here's hoping the nightmares stop!

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  1. well, I had some similar dreams, so I won't laugh. I wish the worst that would ever happen to us would be forgetting to pack our face scrub! :))
    have a sweet day (and sweet dreams), xoxo

  2. thanks Susan, can always count on you! I wish it was the worst thing to happen as well Cx

  3. oh my, your blog is amazinggg!

  4. Thanks so much Katrina, that's so lovely! Had a look at your blog too, it's great - and congrats on winning your catwalk challenge! Cx

  5. HI carina thanks for your comment :-) the images from my denim post came from W magazine:

  6. Hi,
    LOL! I've fretted over things like this before don't worry.
    Check out my blog at:
    From Dolly

  7. Thanks Fashion Followed - those images were amazing! And thanks Dolly, I figured I wasn't the only one! I dragged my hungover arse out of bed yesterday cause I needed to go and buy some more face scrub lol! Cx


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