Monday, 11 January 2010

Trend or tragic: Trainer Boots via Sugarscape

Heeled trainers, £85, Killah @
Just saw this on sugarscape, Trend or tragic: Trainer Boots | Sugarscape, and was so aghast that these horrific pieces of footwear are en vogue again, I had to share it with you. Sorry if you've just eaten! Blurgh! I know lots of girls will try and wear these in an 'ironic' 2 fingers up to fashion way, but you wouldn't wear crocs, would you! (would you??? If you would, you can leave this blog and never return! Ta!)

White lace, £20, New Look
Just say no ladies!!!

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  1. oh... what a tragedy. they look horrible.
    have a lovely week, xoxo

  2. they're awful - one of many things that can stay in the 90s! Cx

  3. Ha! I kind of like the second pair. I'd definitely try them on!

  4. The think that upsets me the most Wendy, is that i had a pair in the 90s and it makes me feel sooooo old lol! Cx


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