Monday, 25 January 2010

Vero Moda - Traditional Basics or Surprisingly On-Trend?

Vero Moda is the kind of clothing company that slips under the 'fashion' radar. Their tag line is 'Trusted Classic' which makes them sound an awful lot like M&S, or even worse, Bhs! To be honest, I've never paid them much attention to Vero Moda, even with HUGE advertising campaigns with the likes of Kate, Helena, Gisele, Christy and Claudia (yep, supermodels so huge I don't need to tell you their last names), but recently they've been catching my eye.

While spending many, many hours on asos, I'm finding that a lot of the products that have me ooo-ing and aww-ing are in fact by Vero Moda! But that's not all, Vero Moda are being featured more in newsletters and trend updates on asos, so I can't be the only one who's liking them at the moment. If you don't believe me, have a look for yourself and in-between the Per Una reject items (which there are still many, please don't think I like all the pieces!) there are some gorgeous draped items, fantastic oversized knitwear, coloured skinny jeans, oversized nude silk tops, a-maz-ing Burberry-esque gathered mini skirts and to-die-for peg leg boyfriend fit trousers. All in perfect fit, colour and fabric!

Nudes - check, statement pieces - check, draping - check, sheers - check, silks - check, oversized boyfriend trousers - check, how is this 'traditional basics' company producing on-trend pieces at great price points (the prices on asos range from £5 to £55) and often in quality fabrics? Answers on a postcard please!



  1. wow, I love these pieces! the nude blouses and black trousers and skirts- love, love, love!
    have a sweet day, xoxo

  2. The trousers and the Burberry-esque skirt are my faves, and really great prices! Well done asos! Have a good day Susan! Cx

  3. @Susan,

    same for me i just bought one of the blouses of Vero Moda


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