Thursday, 4 February 2010

Alexa + Denim = LOVE

Does Alexa Chung have shares in the global denim market, or just a love affair with all things denim???
Well the jury's still out on that one, but she does seem to be all about the denim! And if it's good enough for Miss Chung, it's good enough for us (think Mulberry Alexa satchel being the it bag of the season! What Alexa wears, we want!), this girl has fashion clout!
She's graced the cover of Vogue in ripped jeans, done a relaxed, sexy-cool denim photo shoot for the fashion bible and they named her 'fashion's favourite tomboy' (watch the behind the scenes video here and see why you should be rocking denim this season!) and now she's made a return to modelling as the face of Pepe jeans!  She even dares to test the fashion rules by rocking double denim (dum dum dum!) and even more shocking, she pulls it off without looking like a member of Bewitched!
But that's not all, she's also designing a range for Madewell (hip denim Americana label) called, Alexa Chung for Madewell (originally named? No, but bet it'll be fash-tastic! And their websites adorable!)

Invest in denim now, it's gonna go up, up, up!

Images: Vogue and Pepe Jeans

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  1. yeppers! love her style.

  2. Are you going to try the Double Denim look this season Susan? It's going to be huge this s/s, but I don't know if I'll be trying it! Cx

  3. well, I'm not pretty much into jeans but I wish to lose lots of weight now and probably try it... :)
    have a fab day, xoxo


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