Friday, 9 April 2010

Sex and the City 2 trailer (spot the Liza!)

I've watched this 3 times now, and feel the overwhelming urge to put on a fash-tastic frock and order a cocktail with my ladies! We've heard the whispers, but now we can see for ourselves, SATC 2 is packing some punches - Aiden's appears in the dessert, Big's flirting, and Liza-frickin-Minelli is performing at Stanford's wedding! But storyline smoryline - Patricia Field, show me the clothes!!!

If you're a freakishly huge SATC fan like me, you're counting down the days until May 27th when the girls (and gays) are back on the big screens! See you at the cinema!



  1. LOVE- I never ever get bored of SATC :)

  2. Me either Susan! I've just worked my way through the boxset (again!) Cx


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