Friday, 28 May 2010

My-Wardrobe Denim Bar pop store launch party

It seems that now is the age of denim. Everywhere you turn, denim is THE buzz word of the season, from Double Denim to cut offs, and the trend looks set to stay for AW 2010. So with that in mind, it not surprising that My-Wardrobe,'The UK’s leading online retailer of ‘accessible luxury’ designer clothing, shoes and accessories brands', have decided to help us out and launch a super-duper new section exclusively for all things denim!

So when we were invited down to sample it first hand at The My-Wardrobe Denim Bar pop store launch party in Carnaby Street on Wednesday night, we were very excited! And we weren't disappointed; greeted by jeans hanging from giant balloons, a bar made of denim (even the stools) and a retro van for photo opps, and most of all - male waiters holding trays of yummy My-Wardrobe cocktails!

Celeb guests, fashionista, press and bloggers all mingled at the event which was 'all about the boys' and focused mainly on their menswear denim range (although the site has both mens and womens denim bars). Although I was a little disappointed there wasn't any womenswear at the pop store, as it would have been good to see the jeans up close and personal, the night was a great example of how fashion brands can mix it up and move between online and offline engagement.

Sarah Curran, co-founder and CEO of, “We are thrilled with the success of the launch of our pop-up Denim Bar, created by the creative genius Mark Lawson-Bell.   It’s been a phenomenal year for with the launch of our menswear site and now new features such as the Denim Bar, which launched today, will only add to the experience online.”


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Wednesday, 26 May 2010

Pixie loves Warm Pixie

Warm Pixie is a knitwear and jersey fashion company that have really great knitwear; bold placement prints, ruffle details, knitted bodies, mesh insert body-con pieces and comfy jumpers. I stumbled across their site the other day, and really feel for a few pieces, especially these beauties! Anything with a flamingo or a zebra on is alright by me! Warm Pixie is available from their online store and in Topshop.

Ps. I also love it because my nickname is Pixie, hence the post title!


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Thursday, 20 May 2010

NET-A-PORTER Denim Boutique Launch Event

Well, where to start, NET-A-PORTER may be my new company crush, and first things first - can I have a job please?!? Last night I went along to view their brand-spanking new head quarters and the have a snoop at their new dedicated denim section - Denim Boutique.

They put on one hell of a night for press/affiliates in their stunning new HQ at Westfield shopping centre, with a denim consultation, a denim presentation, drinks and very yummy canap├ęs (quails egg and truffle shaving - yes please!). If you're a fan of Westfields, much like myself, then you can probably guess how amazing an office there might be - rows of enormous white chandeliers hanging above an open plan office, flour to ceiling windows, glamorous reception and meeting rooms, a library, vanity mirrors, you know, the norm in a retail office (pah!) Luxury by name, luxury by nature!

But we weren't there just to have a snoop around their glam offices, we were there to get the low-down on how, and more importantly why, they are launching a specific denim section. Denim Boutique is all about getting amazing jeans that will look amazing on you and your body shape, not just the model in the photo! From 'top tips for your shape' to 'how to care for your denim', and selecting styles, rinses, brands, size and fabric, there is literally something for everyone.

We were all offered a one-to-one with their style advisers, who were friendly, knowledgeable and knew what would work best with your shape. I'm tall (5'10"), and always struggle finding jeans long enough, (I need AT LEAST 34 inch leg), and normally stick with Serfontaine Jeans. My lovely adviser knew exactly what brands did the longest length, and after I told her what I rinse and cut I wanted, took my card with my details.

There was also a presentation of what they had to offer, including styling ideas, trends for ss2010 and aw2010, and what makes great denim. Here are a few of my favourite looks from the night:

The night was a huge success, and everyone there seemed to think so too! It was also a great excuse to have a catch up with Carrie from WishWishWish and Miggy from MiggyLikesTheInternet, and meeting Helen from TheItGuide, Catherine from Red Carpet Fashion Awards and Isabelle from IsabelleOC.

What's your fave denim brand?


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Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Graduate Fashion Week - celebrating new talent

I saw the Graduate Fashion Week madness first hand last year, as my graduating class prepared to put on a catwalk show at the amazing institution that is, Graduate Fashion Week! By the time I'd completed my FOUR LONG YEARS at uni, I already new I was a through and through Marketing Miss, and my design desires had really diminished, but I was still awed by GFW (just as much I always had been), and heavily involved myself in the production of our look book, the GFW stand and the show.
Graduate Fashion Week was launched in 1991 as a forum to showcase the very best BA Graduate fashion design talent in the UK. Each June Graduate Fashion Week stages a static exhibition showcasing the work of some 50 universities across 52 courses, and approximately 22 university fashion shows. The prestigious Gala Show and Awards presentation takes place on the penultimate night. The last day of the event is dedicated to the Education Day.

It is our aim to promote and nurture the talents of today’s young, creative innovators, so that tomorrow’s creative industries can continue to play a major role in the economy of the UK and the rest of the world.
I was really proud of the UEL girls (yep, we were an entirely female year group! Meow!) last year, and there were some amazing collections, so as we get ready for GFW 2010 to begin again on 6th June, I'm going to show you some of my faves from 2009 (I've tried not to be too biased and pick my class mates, but I know the blood, sweat and many tears that went into every garment, so it's hard to stay impartial!).

GFW 2010 runs from the 6th-10th June at Earls Court, London, and I would really recommend attending, as the catwalk production is of a really high quality, there are always some amazing new designers and artists, it's a great place to spot new trends and techniques and is also great for education and career ideas. I can't wait to see the next UEL show on June 6th, and watch this space for a blog post about the new designers that have caught my eye! To get tickets or more info, click here.
Images: Catwalking

Thursday, 13 May 2010

Cate Blanchett is winning the Cannes 2010 red carpet showdown!

There's no school like the old school - and Cate Blanchett is showing us all what makes Cannes so special with a nod to silver screen legends, Grace Kelly, Brigette Bardot, Elizabeth Taylor and Natalie Wood. She's wowed me with her Armani Prive suit above, with furistic yet classic capped sleeves, and with her show stopping Alexander McQueen gown, which shows her regal, red carpet royalty status! I can't wait to see what she wears next, but I'm already behind Team Cate for the winner of Cannes 2010 red carpet goddess!

Sunday, 9 May 2010

She & Him & Me at Koko!

On Friday night I literally skipped to Koko in Camden Town for the gig I have been counting down to for what felt like 4 years (in actual fact it was 2 months, but same diff!), oh yes, it was She & Him time! If you are a regular reader, you will know that I have a serious addiction/obsession with She & Him and their beautiful singer, the actress/songstress, Zooey Deschanel.
Koko was the perfect setting for this laid back gig, with an authentic retro feel. For anyone that hasn't been before, it's a club venue in Camden, and in a previous life was a theatre. Koko has been painted almost entirely red and, in Zooey's words, 'has the biggest glitter ball I've ever seen!'. It's a pretty majestic setting which is usually filled with indie kids and scensters, but on this particular night was filled with more Zooey Deschanel lookalikes than a vintage fair in Brighton! Brunettes with thick fringes and bows in their hair, wearing full 50s/60s skirts and vintage trinkets, and all wearing flat shoes - it was like playing spot the blonde or girl wearing trousers! Those not adhering to the strict Zooey uniform were shunned and put into 'not real She & Him fans' pens, obviously!
Unbelievably Zooey is even more gorgeous and charming in real life, and is absolutely tiny! She came bounding onto the stage like a super cute, over excited puppy, and belted out all our favourite songs from their first album, Volume One, and some of my new faves from their newly released second album, Volume Two (noticing a pattern? They like simple names). Both Zooey and Matt Ward (Him) really impressed me with the better-than-recording live singing, and both playing multiple instruments throughout the set.
I loved every second and wasn't at all surprised when this gig sold out in days! I would definitely recommend seeing these two if you get the chance, and experience their infectious, dreamy, indie folk meets doo wop, Californian sound for yourself! Here's someone else's video of the night, to give you a little taster (ps I picked this video because it has great sound quality, but mainly because of the crazy girl at the beginning that shouted 'Zooey, I love you', because she did that before almost every song! Brilliant!)


Thursday, 6 May 2010

Is Hilary Swank Justin Bieber's mum?

Or is Justin Bieber Hilary Swank's Dad (in a time travel situation), are they twins, they MUST be related!? Or are they...the same person...dumdumdum! I just don't know!

I personally enjoyed this great piece of journalism to sum up the situation at esarcasm, but TMZ have also covered it. (And yes, I am bored at work!)