Wednesday, 19 May 2010

Graduate Fashion Week - celebrating new talent

I saw the Graduate Fashion Week madness first hand last year, as my graduating class prepared to put on a catwalk show at the amazing institution that is, Graduate Fashion Week! By the time I'd completed my FOUR LONG YEARS at uni, I already new I was a through and through Marketing Miss, and my design desires had really diminished, but I was still awed by GFW (just as much I always had been), and heavily involved myself in the production of our look book, the GFW stand and the show.
Graduate Fashion Week was launched in 1991 as a forum to showcase the very best BA Graduate fashion design talent in the UK. Each June Graduate Fashion Week stages a static exhibition showcasing the work of some 50 universities across 52 courses, and approximately 22 university fashion shows. The prestigious Gala Show and Awards presentation takes place on the penultimate night. The last day of the event is dedicated to the Education Day.

It is our aim to promote and nurture the talents of today’s young, creative innovators, so that tomorrow’s creative industries can continue to play a major role in the economy of the UK and the rest of the world.
I was really proud of the UEL girls (yep, we were an entirely female year group! Meow!) last year, and there were some amazing collections, so as we get ready for GFW 2010 to begin again on 6th June, I'm going to show you some of my faves from 2009 (I've tried not to be too biased and pick my class mates, but I know the blood, sweat and many tears that went into every garment, so it's hard to stay impartial!).

GFW 2010 runs from the 6th-10th June at Earls Court, London, and I would really recommend attending, as the catwalk production is of a really high quality, there are always some amazing new designers and artists, it's a great place to spot new trends and techniques and is also great for education and career ideas. I can't wait to see the next UEL show on June 6th, and watch this space for a blog post about the new designers that have caught my eye! To get tickets or more info, click here.
Images: Catwalking


  1. ooo what a talented group! :0

  2. I love graduate fashion week! Can't wait for this years - always full of exceptional talent and great ideas :)

  3. Graduate fashion week is always amazing, which they did the educational day when I was thinking of going to uni, would have been so helpful! Cx


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