Sunday, 9 May 2010

She & Him & Me at Koko!

On Friday night I literally skipped to Koko in Camden Town for the gig I have been counting down to for what felt like 4 years (in actual fact it was 2 months, but same diff!), oh yes, it was She & Him time! If you are a regular reader, you will know that I have a serious addiction/obsession with She & Him and their beautiful singer, the actress/songstress, Zooey Deschanel.
Koko was the perfect setting for this laid back gig, with an authentic retro feel. For anyone that hasn't been before, it's a club venue in Camden, and in a previous life was a theatre. Koko has been painted almost entirely red and, in Zooey's words, 'has the biggest glitter ball I've ever seen!'. It's a pretty majestic setting which is usually filled with indie kids and scensters, but on this particular night was filled with more Zooey Deschanel lookalikes than a vintage fair in Brighton! Brunettes with thick fringes and bows in their hair, wearing full 50s/60s skirts and vintage trinkets, and all wearing flat shoes - it was like playing spot the blonde or girl wearing trousers! Those not adhering to the strict Zooey uniform were shunned and put into 'not real She & Him fans' pens, obviously!
Unbelievably Zooey is even more gorgeous and charming in real life, and is absolutely tiny! She came bounding onto the stage like a super cute, over excited puppy, and belted out all our favourite songs from their first album, Volume One, and some of my new faves from their newly released second album, Volume Two (noticing a pattern? They like simple names). Both Zooey and Matt Ward (Him) really impressed me with the better-than-recording live singing, and both playing multiple instruments throughout the set.
I loved every second and wasn't at all surprised when this gig sold out in days! I would definitely recommend seeing these two if you get the chance, and experience their infectious, dreamy, indie folk meets doo wop, Californian sound for yourself! Here's someone else's video of the night, to give you a little taster (ps I picked this video because it has great sound quality, but mainly because of the crazy girl at the beginning that shouted 'Zooey, I love you', because she did that before almost every song! Brilliant!)


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