Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The City. The Hills. The Mess.

In light of news today that The City has been cancelled, the rumour mill twitter was full of chat about why the show had been axed, and then the lovely Marian was telling us she was a 'City Newbie' and had experienced her first taste of the bitchiness that is, Olivia. All this led to a tweet-convo this afternoon with fellow fashion bloggers (@Fashion_Dreamer @marian_kihogo @MarlboroMartini @tippielove) about The Hills and The City, which got me thinking about these American 'reality' TV shows.

Our tweet-convo basically consisted of chat about the shows feeling fake, forced and contrived, but our main issue seemed to be the man whores and girl-on-girl crimes! Stealing boyfriends, sleeping with exs, playing people off against each other, ruining careers and general sabotage is all too common in these MTV shows, and we all scratch our heads over why they put up with it and wonder if it can really be this bad (or just for the cameras)! Not only are Brody and Spencer man-whores/crazy (respectively), they seem to enjoy tormenting the girls of the show one by one. But I just can't stop watching it! It's like reading the Daily Mail online - you hate it, it makes you angry, you feel dirty afterwards, but you just can't stop yourself!

Apparently we can all calm down, and the rumours that The City has been axed aren't true, denied by Whitney herself. But maybe the end is near, and The City will follow The Hills into the reality TV graveyard. But what will pop up in its place?

So sure, the casts are beautiful, rich and successful, but they sure have to watch their backs! Whatever happened to the girl code?!


Thursday, 24 June 2010

D Day for Project D - Dannii Minogue and Tabitha Somerset-Webb launch collection at Selfridges

When I heard Dannii Minogue was launching her own collection, Project D, with her friend Tabitha Somerset-Webb, I was really intrigued to see what we'd be presented with. Celebrity and designer collaborations seem to have become the norm for the high street, but so far we haven't seen that many partnerships for luxury designer or occasion wear. And I was very pleasantly surprised - and not just because it's a collection soley made up of dresses (My name's Carina, and I'm a dress-aholic!).

The collection is made up of really wearable day pieces, mixed with cocktail and evening dresses. My favourites are definitely the day dresses which remind me a lot of Diane von Furstenberg and Vivienne Westwood Anglomania. The collection's strong points have to be beautiful draping and the gorgeous prints, including the distressed, dirtied animal prints! The collection also strongly represents Dannii's personal style, which I love, as sadly this isn't the case with all celeb/designer projects.
“The project is a result of our friendship and our shared views on fashion and style”,
says Tabitha. “Project D is about a sense of effortless luxury and a refined style that we
believe will appeal to many contemporary women.”
The Autumn Winter capsule collection marks the first phase of this design and lifestyle
collaboration, which will also include an accessories range and the launch of an
eponymous fragrance later in 2010.

Prices from £210.00

Available exclusively at Selfridges for 2 weeks, then Harvey Nichols, Harrods, ASOS.com and My Wardrobe.


Monday, 21 June 2010

NET-A-PORTER end of season sale starts today!

Can't type, shopping! Enjoy (or torture yourself), I'm doing a bit of both!


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Saturday, 19 June 2010

Step away from the magic wand tool! Debenhams Anti-airbrushing Campaign

Today there's something other than a Gok-ette, stood nearly naked in a shop window, for passer-bys to sample the delights of 'a real woman' untouched by the air-brushing magicians! Debenhams have used a poster of a completely untouched model in swimwear for a window display to show us 'natural beauty' (i.e. even models aren't *that* frickin perfect!)

Anti Airbrushing Debenhams Advert Natural Beauty

Debenhams broke ranks with the rest of the high street today by using un-airbrushed photography in a trial window to launch new swimwear lines for the summer.

It believes that over use of some digital photography techniques to create unrealistic body shapes and flawless skin may instead can make women feel more insecure about their natural looks and size.

Debenhams will be canvassing customer feedback on the raw images in a move which highlights the retailer’s long standing commitment to encouraging positive body-image through minimal digital retouching.

Airbrushing has reached new heights now; models, actresses and anyone that appears on a cosmetic advert or a magazine cover barely resembles themselves. Some young women in the 'spot light' now even seem hell bent on photoshopping their face with surgery (just look at Heidi Montag or Megan Fox), and it's getting so ridiculously far from reality I think it's gone full circle and now doesn't even effect us. When I look at Julia Roberts in the new Lancome advert, I wonder if that ever was a photograph or photo shoot; instead perhaps it's just the work of the Michaelangelo of Photoshop! These images don't make me think 'oh, if only I looked like that' but 'what's wrong with her face? Is that meant to be Julia Roberts?'

Over Airbrushed Beauty Image of Julia Roberts for Lancome

This sounds like I'm writing a greetings card, but it's the quirky imperfections that makes someone beautiful or charismatic; these too-smooth-fembots are way too much. There's nothing wrong with cleverly done, subtle air-brushing, but people, less is more! Well done Debenhams.


Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Love vintage clothing? Get 10% off at Rokit

I'm a huge Rokit fan, so when they asked to interview me about my vintage style, and promised me a discount code for all my readers, it was a no-brainer! So here's a quick look at Rokit and a snippet from said interview (and the all important discount code!)

Rokit is a chain of vintage shops (they have 4 around London) which supply gorgeous and wearable mens and womens vintage clothes. Their shops are always beautifully styled, and well worth a trip, but I get truly addicted to their website! I have a special love of vintage bags, scarves and jewellery, but also love pretty much everything on the Rokit website - especially this, this and this!

So what did Rokit want to know about little old me? Favourite era, heinous fashion crimes, and how I would spend a day in lovely London...oh, and who would win in a fight to the death between Jimmy Saville Vs Timmy Mallet (It's Jimmy, obviously!) To read the whole interview, check out the Rokit blog.

Now for the discount - Rokit have very kindly given a 10% discount code for all carina100 readers to use.


The discount is valid on their website www.rokit.co.uk until the 30th June - so happy shopping! I've got my wish list sorted already!


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Tuesday, 15 June 2010

Royal College of Art MA Graduate Show

The Royal College of Art MA Graduate show was quite a spectical, with 28 people showcasing their work.  The two year RCA MA course is for the best fashion talent and is notoriously difficult and competitive to get on to, so their graduates are worth keeping a (bugle)beady eye on (sorry, awful, awful pun)!

I've loved GFW this year, and although I'm sorry to see River Island go as the official sponsor after 5 years (they truly helped to shape and support GFW), I can't wait to see who the new sponsor is (my guess would be Arcadia or ASOS). The RCA MA show was a great 'after-party' for GFW 2010, and here are may favourites from the show!


Images: Catwalking
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Monday, 14 June 2010

Plaits - nothing to lose your head over

I'm so addicted to plaits right now; every night before bed I say a 'Wang prayer' (for long, beachy, gorgeous hair that I can plait - obviously!). These a-maz-ing images of the gorgeous model, Megan Rose, shot by the very talented Ian Wedgewood for MindStudio, do nothing but feed my addiction!

I find myself on the hunt for products to give me 'beach hair', and spend a stupid amount of time plaiting my hair neatly, then pulling sections out and generally messing it up! Not sure when my obsession/addiction will pass, but hey, nothing worth losing your head over!

Thanks to Megan and Ian for the use of the images!


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Tuesday, 8 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Week 2010 - highlights

Here's a quick photo diary of my highlights from Graduate Fashion Week 2010. I was completely impressed with the UEL catwalk show, but I also loved the exhibition itself. The layout, photo shoot by Rankin, De Montford Lego inspired stand and the interactive and playful feel of the whole event, from sea-side/carnival cut outs to live performance from Eliza Doolittle and Tinie Tempah, created a great atmosphere and platform for all the new talent.



Top image: Fashion Foie Gras (But I am sitting front row in the photo!)

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Monday, 7 June 2010

Graduate Fashion Week 2010 - University of East London

Well what a start to GFW 2010 - The University of East London (my old uni, fyi) put on one of their finest shows to date, and I was very generously given a front row seat to witness 19 examples of why London is THE home of new design talent!

Here's a brief look at my favourites from the show, and I was very proud and impressed by the graduates who I started uni life with (i.e. got v. drunk with at the SU bar in my freshers year!)

Bunmi Olayi stole the show for me, with her strong, polished and beautifully made tribal collection that I have so far heard compared to McQueen, Westwood and who Hilary Alexander personally wanted to meet before the show! Not bad for your graduate collection! If she doesn't at least get nominated for the Gala, I'll be writing to Alberta Ferretti personally! See Bunmi's Telegraph interview below.

My other favourites were Queesra Abbas Dad's lady-like cutting and print covered traveling cases, Carlos Sousa's hair jacket, Holly Keepfer's fringed Ombre jacket, Jane Branco's beautiful silk jersey draping, Charlotte Macke's beaded fringing, Diane Gevorgian's embellished leather (and drool-worthy boots), Enuvierhire Sophia Orere's red perma-pleating and Stephanie Hemphill's show-stopping pink silk jersey dress.


I can't wait to see the images of all the other GFW shows, and I'll post tomorrow with my key finds from the GFW exhibition!


Images and Video: Catwalking and The Telegraph

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Sunday, 6 June 2010

H! by Henry Holland High Summer at Debenhams

What do you get when you mix a British Department store and one uber-trendy designer 'with a pash for fash, and all things flash'? H! by Henry Holland at Debenhams, obviously! After the very successful first collection for Spring 2010, I was really excited to see the High Summer Collection, and what better way to view the capsule collection (filled with florals, colour and khaki) than a bloggers event in Debenhams' personal shopping area at their flagship store on Oxford Street.

Key pieces from the collection had been pulled out for us to look through and try on (and very generously, we could take home our fave pieces!) And it was lovely to catch up/meet all the lovely bloggers at the event, Save Our Shoes, Fashion Daydreams, Wolf Whistle, Flying Saucer, She Loves Mixtapes, and Belle Fantaisie, it was handy having so many gorgeous, fashionable ladies in one room when trying on clothes! I would recommend!

The collection consisted of bright florals (on blazers, dresses, bra-lets and shorts), khaki colours (blazers, maxi dresses and biker jeans) and, of course, statement tees with graphical prints. I was head over heels for all the blazers (including the one I took home, with turn-up pink check cuffs and lining) and the Balmain-esque biker jeans. I'm also completely crushing on these knitted headphones, but you'll have to wait for AW 2010 for that! The price points are fantastic and everything was made to a very impressive quality. While some pieces were a bit on the young side for my style, I found so many things I loved! H!O!T!

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Wednesday, 2 June 2010

WAH nails - get your claws in - part deux

This week my most viewed post has been a golden oldie post from November, about WAH nails popstore at Selfridges and a bi-og of the iconic Dalston nail shop, and as it's been so popular, with so many of you lovelies reading about the nail art craze that's still going strong, I thought I'd do a follow up!

The nail art trend properly took hold in the UK last year, with everyone trying to copy the trend that's been in the US for years (we all remember Ricki Lake guests nails in the 90s, and 2008/2009's blow-up success of MINX nails - A-maz-ing!). Nail art really is an art form; with miniature, detailed and embellished designs. So I'll bring you a run-down of nail art that I think is pretty cool; from the Queen of Nail Art (Katy Perry) to the Queen of Nail Art DIY (GemFatale), to the Queens of Nail Design (WAH nails), I bet you won't be able to NOT get your nails done after seeing some of these pics!

Miu Miu WAH nails
Katy Perry Kimmie Kyees nails
Gemfatale leopard print WAH inspired DIY nails
World Cup WAH nails

The Miu Miu nails have me longing to book a WAH nails appointment at Topshop, and I'm also tempted to attended their Japanese nail themed Japan vs Denmark World Cup party on the 24th June 2010 (with Nike Sportswear) There's a girly DJ line up, sushi and Japanese inspired nail art. It's free to get in and first to show get their nails done for FREES! So in answer to my boyf's question, THIS IS WHAT IT TAKES TO MAKE ME WATCH FOOTBALL! More deats here.


Images: WAH nails, Gemfatale, and Katy Perry

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