Tuesday, 29 June 2010

The City. The Hills. The Mess.

In light of news today that The City has been cancelled, the rumour mill twitter was full of chat about why the show had been axed, and then the lovely Marian was telling us she was a 'City Newbie' and had experienced her first taste of the bitchiness that is, Olivia. All this led to a tweet-convo this afternoon with fellow fashion bloggers (@Fashion_Dreamer @marian_kihogo @MarlboroMartini @tippielove) about The Hills and The City, which got me thinking about these American 'reality' TV shows.

Our tweet-convo basically consisted of chat about the shows feeling fake, forced and contrived, but our main issue seemed to be the man whores and girl-on-girl crimes! Stealing boyfriends, sleeping with exs, playing people off against each other, ruining careers and general sabotage is all too common in these MTV shows, and we all scratch our heads over why they put up with it and wonder if it can really be this bad (or just for the cameras)! Not only are Brody and Spencer man-whores/crazy (respectively), they seem to enjoy tormenting the girls of the show one by one. But I just can't stop watching it! It's like reading the Daily Mail online - you hate it, it makes you angry, you feel dirty afterwards, but you just can't stop yourself!

Apparently we can all calm down, and the rumours that The City has been axed aren't true, denied by Whitney herself. But maybe the end is near, and The City will follow The Hills into the reality TV graveyard. But what will pop up in its place?

So sure, the casts are beautiful, rich and successful, but they sure have to watch their backs! Whatever happened to the girl code?!



  1. It does leave the mind boggled does it not?!! i.e all the girl and guy swapping! It seems like everyone on the hills as dated each other once or twice at a point!

    Scary as most people wont date the exes of their close friends but on these shows(especially The Hills) it is constant!

    I can only wonder who Brody will date next!!

    Another interesting thing is why do they call each other friends, the girls that is, when they constantly stab each other in the back?! Roxy trying to ruin big important meets for Whitney. Lo talking about everyone and so on!

    Crazy!! Here is to wondering what happens next!


  2. The word 'frenemy' has never been more apt! Lol! Are you completely hooked now though? That's how they get you! Cx


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