Saturday, 19 June 2010

Step away from the magic wand tool! Debenhams Anti-airbrushing Campaign

Today there's something other than a Gok-ette, stood nearly naked in a shop window, for passer-bys to sample the delights of 'a real woman' untouched by the air-brushing magicians! Debenhams have used a poster of a completely untouched model in swimwear for a window display to show us 'natural beauty' (i.e. even models aren't *that* frickin perfect!)

Anti Airbrushing Debenhams Advert Natural Beauty

Debenhams broke ranks with the rest of the high street today by using un-airbrushed photography in a trial window to launch new swimwear lines for the summer.

It believes that over use of some digital photography techniques to create unrealistic body shapes and flawless skin may instead can make women feel more insecure about their natural looks and size.

Debenhams will be canvassing customer feedback on the raw images in a move which highlights the retailer’s long standing commitment to encouraging positive body-image through minimal digital retouching.

Airbrushing has reached new heights now; models, actresses and anyone that appears on a cosmetic advert or a magazine cover barely resembles themselves. Some young women in the 'spot light' now even seem hell bent on photoshopping their face with surgery (just look at Heidi Montag or Megan Fox), and it's getting so ridiculously far from reality I think it's gone full circle and now doesn't even effect us. When I look at Julia Roberts in the new Lancome advert, I wonder if that ever was a photograph or photo shoot; instead perhaps it's just the work of the Michaelangelo of Photoshop! These images don't make me think 'oh, if only I looked like that' but 'what's wrong with her face? Is that meant to be Julia Roberts?'

Over Airbrushed Beauty Image of Julia Roberts for Lancome

This sounds like I'm writing a greetings card, but it's the quirky imperfections that makes someone beautiful or charismatic; these too-smooth-fembots are way too much. There's nothing wrong with cleverly done, subtle air-brushing, but people, less is more! Well done Debenhams.



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  2. I think it is so great Debenhams is taking this step, i agree with you its just getting crazy how much photoshopping is out there!
    Great post!

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