Monday, 19 July 2010

Manchester hair trend - red means RED!

While on a weekend jolly to Manchester, there was one trend that kept creeping up where ever we were, *bright* red hair. No, not Florence and the Machine 'Ariel red', not Mad Mens Christina Hendricks 'glowing auburn', but tomato/fire engine/pillar box red!

And I liked it. These girls looked like super heroes (in the best possible way) and were playing with the new 'cartoon hair' trend that won't go away (thanks Katy Perry), but red seems to works much better than blue or purple as a day to day, real life, I'm-not-a-pop-star kind of way.

The lovely Rachael (@HJi_Rachael) and I were having a twitter-chat about this trend; she'd spotted it in Manchester herself, and as I tried to come to grips with just how much work this shade of red would be to keep up, it seems it's as simple as Northern girls make the time/effort to get their hair touched up, and their colour fresh. And I can vouch for that, there wasn't one washed out or sad looking red do there, just bright red, and I'm beyond lazy with my colour (whether I'm blonde or brunette). But Mancunians aren't the only ones getting their RED on, pop princesses Rihanna and Allison Iraheta have also been championing the fade-defying red.

What do you make of bright red hair - yay or nay?

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By Carina Sullivan

Images: Cassie and Zimbio


  1. yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaayyyyyyyyyyyy

  2. Loving your enthusiasm! I'm yay as well! Cx

  3. Yay!
    Dyeing my hair red this weekend actually! :D

  4. Are you going RED red? Let me know how it goes Ida! Cx

  5. the girls that pull off red the best are those with naturally dark complexions. like olive skin, hazel or brown eyes and naturally dark hair. But even then it can be hard to pull off.

    I only know one girl that can pull off a red like that, she lives in my town. I've never been into bright hair but she makes it look damn sexy

  6. I just did it.
    If you squeamish about it. Do what I did, just a streak!

  7. It is really tricky to get right and pull off, love the red streak though - very Republica! Cx

  8. There's this one girl on myspace I found I love her hair and

  9. Ingrid Iversen5 March 2011 at 19:55

    YEY! I love it! Dying my hair tomorrow ;)

  10. I fucking love red hair. I first dyes my hair red in the beginning of March. I had the brightest, most amazing red hair ever. And it was long and wavy too so it was beautiful. I would get compliments wherever I went. I loved it. I had to get rid of it though because my boyfriend said it was too bright so now my hair is black. I miss it so much and I wish I would have never gotten rid of it.

  11. I love it1 its amazing!!!!! on celebrity its freaking hot and gorgeous!!! but I don't think it would be good on me sooo,,, anyway login it!!! <3


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