Friday, 2 July 2010

Move over Alexa, there's a new Mulberry in town! Meet Neely

I'm more than a little in love with this bag. 'Neely' is the new breed of Mulberry bags for AW 2010 and what a looker! Mulberry's huge success with the 'Alexa' bag (named after fashionista, Alexa Chung), has resulted in a huge 22% rise in annual profits, and their AW offering is even stronger. With new-look Alexa's and the introduction of the gorgeous and chic 'Neely'. I spotted this beauty at the Mulberry Press day, and it's finally available in the shops.

My new bag crush has to be the 'Tomato Neely', which has gone live on My-Wardrobe today - a more structured and simple satchel style bag - I'm head over heels!



  1. We better start saving now Rebecca! Cx

  2. gorgeous bag! NEED it in my life!

    love your blog, Carina, hope you'll stop by ours!

    have a lovely day!


  3. Hi Nav - I really need it - the more I see it the more obsessed I'm getting! There's a one cream and a black one as well! Loving your blog - too faced lip injection is amaze! Cx

  4. I loved Mulberry even before the 'Alexa' but love that now that they have experienced such a huge rise in popularity the design quality is getting better and better. They want to stay at the top so they are definitely making more of an effort. This bag is a true example of that. It is so beautiful in every way - I am looking forward to seeing it in reality and hope it lives up to my expectations!
    Found your blog by accident today but am glad to have done so. I'm really enjoying reading all of your posts. I am jealous of the all the events that you are invited to!!! Lucky lucky girl!
    Looking forward to reading more.
    Happy Blogging!

    - If you get a chance take a look at our blog (2 girls 1 trend 2 styles), we'd really love your feedback - follow if you like what you see!

  5. I've always loved the Bayswater and love quintessential English fashion brands! I love that they're working so hard to stay on top of the mid market designer bags sector. I was lucky enough to go to the AW2010 press day, and everything from bags, to clothes, to shoes were all to die for!

    Glad to hear you're enjoying the blog, I am very lucky to get invited to so many amazing events! I love your blog too, such a clever idea - one item of clothing worn and styled by 2 very different people - a really refreshing and different idea for a fashion blog! Cx


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