Tuesday, 3 August 2010

Lea Michele - Red Carpet Queen

Does Lea Michele ever have an off day on the red carpet!? Every time I see a photo of Lea on the red carpet, I fall head over heels for her look. Even with her tiny frame and height, she owns whatever she wears and makes sure every flash bulb pops in her direction. From her sexed-up hair and make-up, to her figure hugging and flesh baring gowns, she's looks like a totally different person to her Glee alter ego, Rachel. And although I love her 'Gleek Chic', preppy 'toddler meets granny' style in Glee, her red carpet look keeps amazing me. Can she put a fashion-foot wrong?!

Here are my favourite Lea Michele looks.



  1. WOW, she looks fantastic and sooo different from Rachel! Every single one of those dresses looks incredible on her. I especially love the ummmm all of them haha can't choose which is my favourite x

  2. I know! It's shocking how much she transforms - I love the mustard dress she wore to the Tonys, but it's tough - they're all amazing! Cx


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