Friday, 27 August 2010

Put Your Best Boot Forward - DUO Bloggers Event

We've all been there, found that *perfect* pair of boots in a shop, whether they were the 'pirate' boots circa 2007 or the 'riding' boot so popular in 2008, they're that seasons 'it' boot, just what you've been searching for. But instead of a Cinderella moment, we're either struggling to zip them up, gawping at the *huge* gap around calf, wincing in pain as they contort our feet, or just plain giving up when they're only half way on. Been there? Thought so, as have I (many, many times), but finally there's an answer - DUO Boots.

I was very kindly invited to the DUO bloggers event last night at their Savile Row fitting rooms, where we were given a private viewing of their AW 2010 collection, picked our favourites, were measured up for a pair of boots, and then the fun bit, got to try lots and lots of gorgeous boots on. With the weather being as crap as it has been, it was really lovely trying on things for AW, and as I was wearing boots already that day, managed to avoid that awkward 'crap, I'm not wearing socks' moment.

What makes DUO so great is the choice of not only style, colour and heel height, which you get in most high street shoe shops, but shoe sizes from 2-10, 3 choices of foot width, and 21 (yes, twenty-one) different calf widths. I have muscular calves (thanks, mum) so often struggle with boots that fit, and most of my friends struggle with this, or the opposite, that boots are to big on their skinny calves. The staff at DUO are clearly very well trained, they were friendly, gave advice and style ideas and were so helpful. With 4 shops in the UK, a very good e-commerce site (and I'm a fussy online shopper), and prices from £70-355, we can all have a Cinderella moment.

They've been getting fantastic press, and amazing recommendations from stylists and other bloggers, and were recently featured in Tatler and modelled by Mad Men's gorgeous January Jones, showing DUO have got plenty of style as well as substance.

Our clothes come in all different sizes, and can you imagine buying a 'size 10' bra, instead of a cup and back size? I'm most definitely a DUO convert and will be investing heavily in the AW range, my calves have never felt so loved.

Here's are my favourites from the AW 2010 collection:

From top to bottom: Cedar Black Mock Croc Leather £355, Elm Tan Leather £205, Tilia Black Leather £250, Morina Tan Leather £140 and Piccadilly Red Crinkle Patent Leather £90.


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