Friday, 6 August 2010

Time² Bloggers event, Covent Garden

What time is it - time for the Time² Bloggers event! Watch out, this post may be pun heavy, as I just can't seem to help myself (it is Friday after all, and what's a Friday without a pun or two), how bad it gets, only time will tell (sorry, please don't leave!).

So enough of that, last night I was very kindly invited down to Time² on Longacre, Covent Garden, where the lovely people who work at Time² and Dangling Carrot PR closed the store early and gave us a full trend report for watches, so our wrists can be as fashionable as possible for AW 2010.

Time² have a gorgeous selction of watches from Marc Jacobs, Michael Kors, Toy, GC, Burberry and even vintage Rolexes, and as they talked us through the 3 main stories - Ceramic, Candy Shades, Vintage/Classic and Military, I fell head over wrist in love with a white Burberry ceramic boyfriend fit watch (there's a picture below of me modelling it after one to many glasses of champagne - cringe!).

As we were leaving the event, we got to have a 'Watch Lucky Dip' and I walked away with this gorgeous Limited Edition Purple LTD watch (which is gracing my right wrist as I type)

Move over handbags, I think I have a new obsession - watches!


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