Wednesday, 8 September 2010

So Long, Farewell, Auf Wiedersehen, Goodbye!

As you may or may not know (depending on whether you follow me on twitter), I'm off on holiday today, so the blog is going to look a bit old and boring while I'm away - sorry!

I thought about scheduling some posts for while I was away, but what with Fashion's Night Out tonight, London Fashion Week, and heck, FashionWeeks the world over, all coming up, I figured you'd all have loads of great stuff to read while I was away (I can't wait to read it all when I get back).

But don't worry, my HUGE trip around North America will, without doubt, have me bursting with post ideas and photos to show you all when I get back. My trip seems very fitting now as I currently have more readers in the US than in the UK. To give you a little taste of where I'm going and what to expect when I get back, here's a pre-trip brainstorm of everywhere I'm headed.


Skiing, beaches, mounties, lumber jacks, trees, maple syrup, moose, film stars (yes, really, loads of movie are now filmed in Vancouver), salmon, bears, shopping, tea rooms at Victoria Island, Whistler, lakes, coves, fresh fish, and most importantly, family.

Los Angeles

Celebs, re-enacting Clueless, Rodeo Drive, Walk of Fame, movie lots, films, Viper Room, comedy clubs, Sunset Strip, Mexican food, SHOPPING, people watching, beach, pretending I can surf, In-N-Out burger, Disneyland, Hollywood sign, SUNSHINE.

Las Vegas

Shows, casinos, show girls, fun, gambling, Cirque du Soleil, sunbathing, cocktails in the pool, pretending I'm in 'Viva Las Vegas' with Elvis, finding Elvis, watching someone get married in a Little White Chapel, getting my hair 'blown out' to look like a rich bitch, dancing all night, hoping to spot z-list celebs, eatting, drinking and being merry.

New York

Hyperventilating because I'm in New York, SHOPPING, art galleries, sight seeing, Chrysler Building, people watching, photographing everyone and everything, pretending I live there, going to delis, pizza, yellow cabs, Brooklyn, anything to do with SATC (yes, I've forgiven them for SATC2 - just), THE CENTRAL PARK ZOO, Broadway shows, Ice Hockey, Madison Square Gardens, posh bars, cool clubs, amazing food, more shopping.


Hippies, protests, pentagons, stone masons, Dan Brown, statues, history, legacies, The White House, The West Wing, politics, architecture, landmarks, culture, tourists with fanny packs, not been aloud on the White House tour because we're 'foreigners', not using the swimming pool at our hotel, finding an old school diner, having coffee and pie.


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