Tuesday, 30 November 2010

Ila Spa Glowing Radiance Collection

I don't think I've ever been to such a tranquil, relaxing event as the Ila Spa launch for their new Glowing Radiance collection. I know I don't normally cover beauty, but this was so good I just had to share it with you (and it's good to mix things up)!

After being personally talked through the new collection and the overall brand ethos by Ila founder and everyone's new favourite person on earth, Denise (everyone fell in love with her), we were one big bunch of organic-converted, chilled out Londoners.

Not only does this company call itself 'Beyond Organic', it clearly means it too. I'm always slightly cynical of some organic companies that use organic 'loosely' and as a USP (unique selling point) to increase sales, rather than a deeply rooted brand ethos. Ila is definitely the latter of the two, with a fantastic and detailed grasp of every aspect of their products. From the farm, culture and even to the specific people who grow or produce each ingredient, Ila is involved every step of the way, to insure an organic with a capital 'O' product every time.

The holistic effects and uses of these at 'home or spa' products are an added bonus to a skincare routine that not only leaves you feeling wonderful (I've tested all the products they gave us from the Glowing Radiance Collection and can say I'm a convert), looks pretty on your shelf, but most importantly stands up for what it believes in. Ila take their time to give you something so organic you can feel the time, effort and love with every use.

For more details on Ila, skincare, spa treatments and their organic approach, click here.

FYI, I've booked my mum in for a Ila massage treatment at the Bristol Lido after Denise personally recommended it (just in case you're stuck for Christmas present ideas). 


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  1. It's for me, my favorite product! :)

    You can found this brand on this website: http://www.lineaspa.com/en/9__ila-spa


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