Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Mysuelly is My Bag Brand Du Jour

Thanks to last weeks Grazia, I have a new bag obsession, Mysuelly. After reading about the brand favoured by the Parisian fashion pack, I've cast aside poor Mulberry and taken a French mistress.

Mysuelly make the most beautiful vintage style bags in classic, boxy styles that have a gorgeous understated quality. Mysuelly was created by two fashionistas, Geraldine Cohen and Adelaide Salvi, and embodies Parisian style. The use of fabric and colour is also amazing, with a mix wool and leather, neutral colours and primary plaids, these bags are completely on trend and have a French meets Nordic vibe.

There aren't many stockists in the UK, Urban Outfitters in the main Mysuelly stockist online in the UK (but only have 4 styles), and Labour of Love and Paul and Joe in London also stock some of the range. If you want a larger selection, try these sites,, or With prices generally around £300-400, it's a definite luxury, but also a lot less than other designer bags. 

I *really* want one, but have no idea how to pick just one? C'est impossible!



  1. WOW These are abolutely STUNNING!!! I think I've picked out errr 6 of them I want... ha!! LOVE THEM! <3

  2. Ha! I don't know how I'd pick just one, I love the knit ones but I also love the classic, boxy leather ones. Just have to put them all on my Christmas list Cx

  3. I completely fell in love with these bags as well - also after seeing them in Grazia! Am lusting after the leather tan one, which I'm hoping they stock in Labour of Love so I can go check it out, before begging someone to buy it for me for Christmas!

  4. They've clearly got a knack at making new bags look loved and vintage. I agree, the tan leather bag is one of my favourites Cx

  5. Hi Carina, I'm Maud the founder of and wanted to thank you for registering my website as part of Mysuelly retailers !
    You're right, these bags are really incredible and so trendy...

    I ship to UK, good to know, no ?

    Thanks and best regards


  6. Hi Maud - You're welcome - I love Mysuelly bags and good to know you ship to the UK. Cx

  7. Love these, I received the tartan one in the post today from Urban Outfitters! Lush.

  8. So jealous! I saw that one in the sale - good buy! Cx


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