Monday, 22 November 2010

Rihanna is the Red Queen at the American Music Awards 2010

Rihanna really is Rated R - from the hair, to the dress, to the carpet she's standing on, there's no missing Miss R, the (extreme) lady in red at the American Music Awards 2010. I love this Elie Saab sheer lace dress on Rihanna, it's so elegant yet sexy. With a deep V back and va-va-voom colour, the understated full skirt and delicate details, like the wide trim on the hem, creates a simply stunning red carpet look.

I'm still completely in love with the red hair trend that Rihanna first championed back in July, and the corkscrew curls are perfect with the softness of the dress, as a stiff up do would have made it too formal for what was a very 'fashion' music event. Top marks for a very upmarket (and tricky to pull off) Jessica Rabbit look.

Will you be copying Rihanna's red, red and MORE red look?


By Carina Sullivan

Credit: Getty


  1. I LOVE HER DRESS! I've got a thing for revealing backs on dresses :) She looks great :)
    But I've done red hair, and I'm really over it haha, so I won't be going red, and then some. But I would get a dress like that, if I could afford it, in a heartbeat!

  2. She looks stunning, the dress is amazing and I'm glad her hair looks like a deeper red I wasn't a fan of the fluro red at all

  3. I love her hair colour, I think she's toned it down too. Also got to love someone that's such a diva she colour-matches her hair to her dress! Cx

  4. her hair looks like a toned shade, she looks fantastic in that dress. the corkscrew curls are so cute


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