Thursday, 11 November 2010

US Highstreet Favourite Forever 21 comes to the UK

Well this is exciting - this week US highstreet giant, Forever 21, is opening in the UK in Birmingham. If you've never heard of Forever 21, I assume you haven't been to America recently, or if you have, perhaps you didn't go shopping (if you didn't, why not?! What a waste!). Forever 21 is a highstreet staple in the US now, with shops everywhere you look.

The best way to describe Forever 21 (and to match it up with our own highstreet offering) would be a mash up of h&m, Topshop, asos, New Look and Primark. Low price points, trend lead pieces with lots of basics. But, and here's the but, what Forever 21 does well is reinvent key catwalk and seasonal trends, but with a distinct hand writing (Topshop, asos), but with competitive, low prices (h&m, Primark, New Look). There are also several 'brands within brands' at Forever 21, with diffusion lines including Heritage 1981, Love 21 Contemporary and Twelve by Twelve. The clothes are young, playful and designed for the fashion forward, which is why Amber Le Bon is such a great fit for the UK face of the brand,

As with any highstreet fast fashion model, there is always the general, basic pieces that don't really stand out, but with Forever 21, there are generally some great pieces that will allow you to wear one or two of this seasons biggest trends without having to splurge on designer items.

I'm a big fan on the US store, but after seeing pictures of the UK launch event, I'm a little worried about the buy for the UK market. Fingers crossed it was just a bad catwalk show and the offering is every bit as addictive as the US.

Forever 21 launches in the UK online and in Birmingham on the 12th November, and in Dublin on the 13th November.


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