Wednesday, 1 December 2010

Deja Vu at New York Black Swan Premiere as Ksenia Solo recreates Natalie Portmans Red Carpet Style

When I first saw Ksenia Solo on the red carpet at the New York premiere of prima ballerina film, Black Swan, I loved her whole look. But then I got an almighty sense of deja vu. Haven't we seen a beautiful, petite brunette rock the heck out of a chiffon red dress on the red carpet for Black Swan?

Oh yes we have! The lead in Black Swan, Natalie Portman, wore a beautiful red Rodarte dress to the Venice Film Festival premiere of Black Swan and got high fashion praise. Clearly Ksenia reads fashion blogs and wanted a piece of the action as well.

Both Ksenia and Natalie look amazing, and show what an impact red can make on the red carpet, but I bet Natalie's a bit annoyed someone's copying her style on her own promotional tour. Although one addition I love about Ksenia's look is the fushia lipstick, red dress + fuschia lips = wow!


Images: Zimbio

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  1. Red looks much better on Solo than it does on Portman, it's highly flattering against Solo's complexion and over all colouring. Also the styles of the dress are completely different, the only similarities are that they are both red and both formal. However Portman's dress was too busy (for me), Solo's is much more elegant with simple classic lines and a timeless silhouette.
    In fact, I very much want to find a wedding dress in that exact style. :)


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