Thursday, 6 January 2011

Red Carpet Looks from People's Choice Awards 2011

Award shows are starting to blend into one. Twilight and Katy Perry win lots of awards, the Kardashians colour coordinate their outfits and pout like crazy, and young Disney stars try to show their slutty/wild/rock side. And the People's Choice Awards were no exception. Many people over did the fake tan (it's January people, you surely weren't all in St Barts over Christmas), but there were some really pretty dresses. And god knows I love a pretty dress. My favourite red carpet filly, Taylor Swift, and other bright young things showed us how to rock a cocktail dress in 2011 (even is they're all depressingly young and were born in the 90s).


Images: Zimbio


  1. Happy new year, and here's to a successful 2011!

  2. nice pictures! can i use those in my blog, please? :) you might say no, i understand. where you got those? i like those celebrities :D come and see my blog

  3. Thanks! I get almost all my pictures from Zimbio. I'm a red carpet junkie - so expect lots more! Cx


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