Monday, 10 January 2011

Spring Summer 2011 - H&M spotted the trends, then made their own!

H&M is one of my favourite highstreet stores. I buy all kinds of things there, from my NYE dress to my socks to my t-shirts, and I am loving some of the new items that are dropping instore at the moment. Look behind the sale racks and you'll see the amazing colour-blocking, 60s and 70s inspired clothes in luxe colours - I'm already hooked!

Here's a look at what H&M thought of the Spring Summer 2011 catwalk trends (above), and then watch the H&M lookbook to see what their take of Spring Summer 2011 is. (Look out for the pink, cream and gold block heel courts - shoe porn!). I'm actually liking the video lookbook much more than the images themselves, the clothes look so much better and you get a much better idea what the clothes look like on a body. Will more brands follow and release lookbook videos?

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  1. I love this collection! Personally, I'm not a fan of the video lookbook, and I have seen a smaller designer use it. Although with the small time designer it worked really well because there was fewer items in their collection. I have to say a video look book shows off the colours better than still photos, and you get a better feel of how the clothing sits on a body.
    Moving on! I just adore this collection!! I love the colours, the colour-blocking, the prints, the cutouts.. AHHH! Especially love that printed maxi dress at the end with the cut out back and the white trousers!
    Great post :)

  2. I seriously can't get enough of h&m, there my favourite highstreet store at the mo. Interesting points about the videolook books Biaa, I think it works with this collection and most of the looks I prefer in the video. Cx


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