Wednesday, 12 January 2011

Whitney Pozgay Puts the 'WHIT' in Fashion

Excuse the pun, but it just felt right! I'm currently obsessed with New York based designer, Whitney Pozgay and her collections and lookbooks. She injects so much fun into her styling and lookbooks, you sometimes forget how gorgeous and wearable the clothes are. From her 'Cartoon Couture' Fall 2010 collection, to the light, bright sports luxe Spring 2011 collection, the list of pieces I want is pretty long!

View the full Spring 2011 lookbook here and the Fall 2010 lookbook here.

Sadly WHIT isn't available in the UK, so we'll all just have to go to New York instead (if needs must, I guess!).



  1. Ahh I wish her designs were available over here! I'm a big fan and love how her lookbook is so full of fun and personality, makes such a nice change

    Great blog!

  2. Thank you! And that's exactly what I love about it too, Raji! Cx


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