Saturday, 8 January 2011

Wildfox White Label - Just Add Sequins

The newest Wildfox collection will be hitting stores anytime now, but even more exciting is the new lookbook! Shot by the Wildfox designer Kimberley Gordon and modelled by her room mate (who I'm assuming is also a model, and if not, why not?!). I'm loving the more embellished look on neutral colours and really coveting the maxi dresses. The make-up, hair and styling is classic hippy-chic Wildfox, and I'm loving the Chanel transfer tattoos!
White Label line is a touch more hippy, pulling inspiration from Jane Birkin, but still incorporating the royal family with mostly sequined graphics, gold buttons, griffins, and Military, floor length dresses. The White Label is sheer very antique. The floor length dresses, made of a heavier cotton, are suitable for any occasion and are sculpted to flow around the body, with extreme high boat necks and a beautiful, square shoulder baring, “want to live in it” shape. ( 

View the whole Wildfox lookbook here.

And shop Wildfox here.



  1. wow, she is so gorgeous!:))))

  2. She really reminds me of someone, but I can't put my finger on it! Cx

  3. The lookbook is fantastic, and I agree, if that girl isn't a model she darn well should be!

  4. She's making me seriously consider getting a fringe cut in! Cx


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