Saturday, 19 February 2011

London Fashion Week A/W 2011 - Bernard Chandran

Today's first show for me was by Malaysian born designer Bernard Chandran. I've been to several of his shows at London Fashion Week now, and he always delivers clothes that are purely for a confident, in charge sort of gal. His AW 2011 show was all about making a statement; delicate full length lace dresses were broken up with industrial zips and think black belts, huge feather jackets were worn as part of outfit made up of one block colour (from dress, to tights, to shoes), and part-peplum dresses left cocktail dresses looking like exotic orchids.

The colours that we've seen elsewhere at London Fashion Week AW 2011 made an appearance, with a main colour palette of greys and black, mixed with reds, orange, hot pink and teal green. It was the coloured feather items that had the audience whip into a frenzy, especially the hot pink gillet, as it floated down the catwalk.

One other important thing - the hair! Bedhead plaits that were almost falling out had flashes of muted purple and red, and were so good they had me wishing I still had my hair mascara from (gulp) 13 years ago!


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