Saturday, 12 March 2011

The Best of Paris Fashion Week AW 2011 - Fashion vs Famous Faces

I think it's fair to say that the 'fashion' part of Paris Fashion Week AW 11 was overshadowed by three things: Lady Gaga, Kate Moss and John Galliano. Even the beautiful A-listers sitting front row struggled to tear attention away from the Gaga-Moss-Galliano media storm.

The recent argument continues that celeb 'frowers' cause a distraction and take away from the clothes on show at fashion weeks around the world, but nothing can quite compare to putting a celebrity *in* the show, as Thierry Mugler found out. I can't decide if putting Lady Gaga in the show was a good move or not, on one hand it generated amazing publicity and I'm sure opened the brand up to new customers on a global scale, however, I felt it went from being a 'Thierry Mugler catwalk show' to a 'Lady Gaga (& Co.) performance'. She stole the show, and even did the final walk with the designer (her stylist and friend Nicola Formichetti).

One the other side of the coin, we have a super model who has become such a brand in her own right that her return to the catwalk, after several years retirement, completely eclipsed the catwalk show itself. Marc Jacobs must have known the effect of putting 'La Moss' in his show for Louis Vuitton, and while it got people buzzing about the show, it was more for Moss's 'sagging skin', smoking on national non-smoking day and the smallest traces of cellulite, rather than his dazzling designs.

And then of course we have the huge John Galliano incident. Days before their show at Paris Fashion Week, I doubt this is the type of interest and buzz Christian Dior wanted. I did however like 'the show must go on' attitude of the iconic fashion house, and thought it was fantastic to bring out all the 'unsung heroes' who had worked so hard on the beautiful collection at the end of the show, reminding people just how much work goes into every collection and how many people are involved and deserve the praise and credit.

Truly remarkable fashion moments, such as Sarah Burton's beautiful first show as head designer for Alexander McQueen, felt slightly pushed to the side by the celebrity circus that was in town. Here are some of my favourite shows from Paris Fashion Week (From top - bottom: Alexander McQueen, Elie Saab, Givenchy, Lanvin, Miu Miu, Yves Saint Laurent and Zac Posen)



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