Monday, 4 April 2011

Cara Delevingne - Model du Jour

You've got to give credit to a model who can work across the entire fashion industry and be this season's Model du Jour; recently modelling for designer powerhouse, Burberry, AND for highstreet haven asos! I guess it helps if you come from the Delevingne gene pool and you are 18 year old British model Cara Delevingne (baby sister of Poppy).

I'm completely in love with her look, and she definitely hits the right spot for this seasons 70s obsession. Burberry have snapped up the Storm model and her face is currently across most of their current clothing and beauty campaigns. You might also recognise her if, like me, you have an asos obsession, as she's been modelling for them too. But I have a sneaking feeling we will be seeing a lot more of her!


By Carina Sullivan

Images: Getty, Burberry, asos and Julia Kennedy


  1. you're right!!! she's really pretty. And, yes, she is definitely the best for this season 70's obssesion. The last picture is pretty nice, where does it come from? ;)

  2. Hey Marta, I'm not sure what magazine it was for, but the photographer is Julia Kennedy. Cx

  3. i think is it article very good news and i happy and ctrl=D


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