Thursday, 23 June 2011

Carina100 Interior Design and Style - The Lounge

As my blog is my way of sharing my current obsessions (which currently includes cooking and baking) and loves (which is almost always fashion), I thought I should share my current hobby - Interior Design and Style.

I'm in the middle of buying my first home and daydreams about Mulberry bags have morphed into daydreams about reclaimed French furniture and Welsh dressers. I am obsessed with all things wallpaper, fabrics, furniture, rugs and generally all beautiful things.

Green Floral Lounge MyDeco living room

This has led to hours playing around on (which is the interior design version of the fashion bloggers favourite, Looklet). The first room I've tackled was the lounge. All I had in mind before starting this room was the colour scheme; green, white and coral. I wanted to create a homely, bright room that felt cosy but with an elegant edge.

You first design the room in a 2D or 3D rendering (pictured above), where you can decorate and pick out real life items for your room and place them anywhere in your room. You then process your room into a 3D photo (I'm really impressed with the quality). To find out exactly what furniture I put in my room, click here.

I'm really pleased with the final result and can't wait to put some of my design ideas into practise. The next room I'll be working on is a bedroom.

P.S. If you're homeware crazy like me, the Zara Home Sale started today! It's a-maz-ing!


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