Tuesday, 17 May 2011

Hand Picked Fashion Finds at QRATED.com

If, like me, you wished you had the patience (and resources) to trawl through vintage hideaways, boutiques and designer wonderlands the world over to find that new, hot fashion find, you will praise the fashion gods for the new fashion site, QRATED.com.

Each day they'll bring you a new 'fashion find', only available for 24 hours (or until it sells out). Each item will include details about the designer, information about its origins and very cool styling suggestions. It's a great chance to support new design talents, as the designers involved include both new emerging talent and well-known names, with some pieces created especially for QRATED. With finds from the likes of New York, Paris, Hong Kong, London, Delhi and Finland, this really offers you a chance to buy fashion globally.

Membership is free, but limited, so I suggest you sign up now so you don't miss a rare gem. The site launches on 15th June and I can't wait to see the first fashion find. But if you can't wait, their blog is really great for style ideas and gives a taster of what you can expect from the site AND they're giving away a free iPad2 when you pre-register on facebook (my friend won an iPad2 the other day - it does happen!).



  1. Oh wow, I love the concept!

  2. Me too. Been speaking to them on twitter for a while, and then they sent me their press release - can't wait to see it up and running. Cx


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