Thursday, 19 May 2011

Stylish Toes at the Tabio Bloggers Event

Tabio Bloggers Event ankle ruffs and vitamin water

If you dream about socks, legwarmers, tights, stockings and pretty much anything else you can think of to adorn your legs, ankles and feet, then you need to know about Tabio.

Tabio is a Japanese sock speciality store producing the highest quality hosiery available. Crafted by the hands of artisans and blended with the finest yarns to create peerless comfort.

From the whir of the embroidery machine, to the scent of tatami drifting through the air, a visit to Tabio is a magical experience. Specialists in hosiery, be prepared to be dazzled with a stunning collection of beautifully crafted socks and tights, providing comfort you will never forget.
There are Tabio stores dotted around London, but last week's bloggers event was held at their
spacious High Street Kensington store. Greeted by lots of Tabio experts, we were shown around the wonderful world of Tabio. There is so much to take in, and Danielle, Ree and myself 'Oooed' and 'Ahhed' around the huge selection of socks, tights and ankle trinkets.

The quality is plain to see, and I can see that this new sock obsession will slowly get worse, until I own most of Tabio! To start my new collection, we were generously given a ticket which we could swap for any item in store. After much debating, Ree and I both opted for the gorgeous bow ankle cuffs, while Danielle picked some cosy leg warmers.

Tabio Bloggers Event socks

Tabio Bloggers event leg warmers and socks

Tabio Bloggers Event socks and bows

Tabio Bloggers Event tribal sock

Tabio Bloggers Event Kensington Highstreet Store

Tabio Bloggers Event gingham socks and vitamin water

Tabio Bloggers Event hiking and rugby socks and leg warmers

Tabio Bloggers Event Kensington Highstreet Store

Tabio Bloggers Event - Really Ree and Carina100 bow corsage gifts

Anyone who says socks are a boring present clearly haven't been to Tabio!



  1. Oh Carina! I wish I got to meet you. I was here too x

  2. What a shame! It was so busy, wanted to say hi to loads of people. We were there for over an hour though - easily distracted by socks! Cx

  3. oooh sounds like fun and sounds like a great shop! I've never heard of Tabio before... I've never been invited to blogger evenets, though perhaps I will one day.

  4. Hey Nesha, it's a very cute shop - so many colours and prints. I just had a sneaky look at your blog - it's so lovely! Cx


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